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Reading Bible is like a jigsaw? Know stories but not the STORY?
The Bible’s not a jigsaw. More a novel than a phone book: a beginning a middle and an end. Read the story! This series is a scenic flight not bunjy jumping. Let’s take off at the beginning…


Ministry Partnership - What is that?

We talk about Ministry Partnership all the time at Creek Road.

Up the front, most Sundays, we have the privilege of sharing stories about how ministry partners are seeking to Reach the City and Reach the World with the gospel.

Our Facebook feeds, Elvanto homepage and the Newsletter give different snapshots of what Ministry Partners do at Creek Road.

But what is a Ministry Partner?

The quick answer is that it's a member.

The slightly longer answer is that it is someone who says "This is my church. This is where I want to make my home, this is where I want to grow in my relationship with Jesus, this is where my friends are.  This is where I go to Growth Group.  This is where I serve."

The word  "member" under-states what these decisions mean.  We use the term Ministry Partners because partners are people who are already investing their lives at Creek Road.  They are investing their time, their funds and their hearts into ministry that is aiming to help people meet Jesus. 

Partnership brings other privileges - it means that you are able to vote on key decisions that we as a church take as we move forward to serve Jesus.  This may seem a little distant, but it's important because we hope that all key decisions are taken by the group of people who are invested and signed up-our Ministry Partners.

If you'd like to know more - please send me an email ( I would love to chat with you about ministry partnership and making formal what has probably been the reality for some time.

Andrea Pryde, Connect Grow Serve Director


Vision Update - April 2017

At our ministry dinner on April 19, we gave an update on how we are putting legs on our vision to reach the city & reach the world for Jesus. Please check out the document linked here. It outlines a bunch of things the board and senior leadership of our church are thinking through, alongside our ongoing commitment to our pathways of connect, grow, serve and kids, youth & young adults.

Vision Update April 2017

We invite all who call Creek Road home to be a part of the discussion as we move forward. Please chat to us if you want to discuss any of this further, or invite a staff member to visit your growth group to explain more. We are all in this together. This is our church. We are all part of this vision. All because of Jesus.

Or feel free to email on

Video of the vision update...


Norman Park Property for sale.

Please pray for a great sale price for the Norman Park property. If you're interested, here is a short promotional video on the sale.

Savills - 68 Longfellows St Norman


Bible in 10 Series Companions

The series companions for this terms series, Bible in 10, have begun to be distributed to your Growth Group Leaders. We hope they are very useful for you and your Growth Group.

In an effort to try to reduce costs the series companions for this term were ordered with little margin for error in numbers. This means we are pretty tight for numbers of series companions.

If you prefer using a digital copy of the series companion instead of a paper copy could you please return your series companion to the church office at the Carina Ministry Center. Growth Group Leaders, if we have given you too many or too little series companions, can you please let Bob Goodair know by emailing him on If you would like to use the digital copy of the series companion it can be found here

Thanks to those of you who have already handed back series companions at Ministry Dinner last night it has been very helpful. 

Thank you

Some ministries are behind the scenes and some aren't.  We're thankful for all our ministries because they point people to Jesus.

The Kids Spot Team has done a stirling job this term as they have helped us understand the Epic Journey.

Thanks for all their preparation before the term kicked off and thanks for their efforts as they have told us the story week by week.

Thanks too, to the Media Team who have made these spots available for the future...

Check some out here:-


Prayer @ Creek Road

1 Timothy 1:12-13. I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief.

  • There was a great turn out over Easter. Thank God for the amazing sacrifice he made for us and that we were able to celebrate his death and resurrection together joyously and with a level of freedom that is not available in many countries. Thanks that we were able to build each other up with words, music and company. 
  • Thanks for all the newcomers over Easter to our services and thank you for the people who are engaging with our content online. Thank you for all the wonderful stories that brought people here, from a Creek Road bible in the boot of a car to people interacting with the Facebook page. Pray that God is glorified in all of these situations and that Creek road will be a place where newcomers feel welcome as they hear the Gospel message.
  • Pray for our Ministry dinner on Wednesday night. Pray that everyone at the dinner will be encouraged by Dr Caroline Russell as she speaks about caring for each other in a church setting and pray for people introducing the bible in ten series. Pray that the church will be grown and challenged throughout this series.
  • Particular thanks for the success of the letterbox drop with our Springfield campus and for the new people/families joined the service on Friday and Sunday. Pray that they saw Jesus in all of the people at the service and that they return to another service.
  • As we finished off the Matthew series, there have been several stories of the encouragement and ‘Penny drop’ moments from people over the Easter services. Pray that we continue to think about how our story is shaped by the profound and amazing story of Jesus life, death and resurrection.
  • Pray for the Churches at Wooribinda and for the growth of the youth and youth leaders who went to Wooribinda. One of the wonderful experiences the ‘Woori’ group had was being in two of the local churches and worshiping with them. There has been growth in one of the churches and very little growth in the other. Thanks for the people you have brought there already. Pray that both of these churches experience growth both in number and maturity just as we pray for the continued growth and maturity for the youth and youth leaders who went there.
  • Several of our partner churches are doing the Bible in Ten series with us. Thanks for the resources that Creek Road has been able to produce and for the blessing that has been to our partner churches. Also, thanks for the Partner Churches as they continue faithfully preaching God’s word and leading people to Christ
  • Pray for our ministry to the Iranians. Thanks that Masoud has returned from Sydney where he learned a great deal about how Iranian ministry is done down south and had the opportunity to see several other churches in the area. We are thankful that God has blessed Masoud with this awesome opportunity. Pray that he has grown in his love for Christ and that the Church can be well served by his experiences.

Talk 13 | An Epic Twist | God with Us

What story do you wish you were a part of?
Every day heroes live and tell the good news of the ultimate hero Jesus. Souls matter. In everything you do, wherever you find yourself you can be involved in making disciples.


Ministry Dinner - Guest Speaker - Dr Carolyn Russell

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Please join us on Wednesday 19th April 2017 for Our Term 2 Ministry Dinner.  Our Guest Speaker is Dr. Carolyn Russell.  

Carolyn has long been a friend of many people who call Creek Road home.   Carolyn provides wise, clear and gentle advice to people who are seeking to live to serve Jesus.  Her website shares a little more detail.

Dr Carolyn Russell

MBBS (Qld), Dip. RACOG, FRACGP, Mast. Couns. QUT

Dr Carolyn Russell is a General Practitioner and Counsellor. She is the co-founder and, now, director of Foundations Counselling Centre, which was established in 1999 as a professional counselling service to the community. This was in response to a clear need for the provision of high quality counselling and assessment services provided by consultants holding a Christian world view.

Carolyn is well-known as a caring and very competent professional who has significant experience in helping clients manage their life challenges. She could be described as a ‘people person’ and has a particular interest in a ‘whole of life’ approach to ministry and wellness. She is also a passionate quilter and fabric-dyer.

Please come along to hear Carolyn speak about how we all can care for each other well.

RSVP are most helpful as we plan the evening.  You can RSVP by following this link:

Prayer @ Creek Road

Psalm 48:9-10  Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love. Like your name, O God, your praise reaches to the ends of the earth; your right hand is filled with righteousness.
-          Great insights. With the implementation of Elvanto, the church leadership team have been able to explore a whole heap of resources which help to more effectively manage time in services, monitor attendance  at all of our campuses and follow up with newcomers. All of these things help our church to reach the city and reach the world more effectively! Praise God for these opportunities and for putting people in place who can use these tools well to care and love for people.
-          Thanks that the Wooribinda team has returned safely. Many in the group of youth/young adults were initially quite anxious, but it was a huge encouragement to all involved to see those same leaders build in confidence as they lead a kids program and shared in daily life with the people there. Praise God for the growth in those on the trip, for the opportunities to give testimonies and encourage each other and for the way the trip was able to challenge many misconceptions about our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. Pray that this trip continues to work in the hearts of those who went and that our church might be better at loving our Aboriginal brothers and sisters because of it.
-          Springfield continues to have new people interested in checking out Springfield services. Pray that the letterbox drop is fruitful and that God will continue to move in the hearts of those who got received postcards, that they might be curious enough to join our Springfield campus over Easter.
-          Loop Camp started off with difficulties as there was damage after the storm, however God turned that minor discomfort into a camp which was full of amazing conversation and discussion, very few injuries, no behavioral issues, a whole heap of people making new relationships and a whole heap of kids getting interested and engaged with Gods word and his family. Praise God for answered prayer. Please continue to pray that kids will connect with local churches (including Creek Road).
-          Southbank was a bit smaller this week but no less encouraging. Of particular note is that over three quarters of members at our Southbank campus are in growth groups. Praise God for his work in people’s hearts and pray that more people are challenged to join Growth Groups at all campuses and that these groups become more fruitful and even better places to wrestle with Gods word.
-          Masoud our Cross Culture Connect Trainee at Southbank is currently down in Sydney talking to the Minister from an Iranian church to see how we can improve our own ministry to the Iranians at Creek Road. Pray that Masoud will be invigorated by his experience down south, that the Church in Sydney will benefit from his visit and that he will come back with insightful and helpful ideas for Creek Road so that God’s word can flourish even more amongst our Iranian brothers and sisters.
-          Pray for continued protection and rejuvenation for all those on holidays, particular for those travelling.
-          Pray for those around the world being persecuted for their faith, particularly in Egypt at this time. Praise God that he is with people even in the darkest circumstances, but pray that his presence may be known and that the people in these terrible situations may be filled with God’s peace and strength. Pray that God is glorified and his name stirs the hearts of those persecuting our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Creek Road Presbyterian Church
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