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Share A Meal This Sunday - 19th Aug

This Sunday is Share A Meal and Lord's Supper Sunday - please bring a plate of food to share.

After the 9am service
 we will have a brunch style meal as well as share in the Lord’s Supper. Kids will be checked out of kids church and directed to their parents in the Hall.

After the 6pm service we will have a light dinner as well as share in the Lord's Supper in the hall.

o   Please bring a dish to share that is already cut/plated to share and drop it into the kitchen before the service. If you are bringing a Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free meal (or any other special diet meals) can you please clearly label the meal so that it can be put on a separate table. If you want your container or plate to be returned please clearly label it with your full name and make sure you come back to the kitchen after the meal to collect it.


Both Springfield & South Bank will have their regular after church meal and will add Lord's Supper to it this week. Details on your group facebook page or contact your campus pastor.


Kristi Hanger

Event Manager

Creek Road Prayer Term 3 Week 4

  • “Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.” (Luke 8:8) Ask God to enable us to listen and put into practice what he wants us to hear from His Word and in particular, that we will recognise the worries, riches and pleasures in our life that are choking our faith and put them in their proper place.
  • Thank God for the opportunity we have to drill down into God’s word each week in Growth Groups and encourage one another to put it into practice in our lives.  Pray for Growth Group coaches and leaders and for newcomers as they join in.
  • Pray for Phil Strong’s family as they grieve the death of his brother, Andrew. Pray particularly for May, their mother and Andrew’s wife Susan and their 2 girls Kara and Ellie. Pray that God will comfort them with the knowledge of Andrew’s love for the Lord Jesus and his confidence in Heaven and that Andrew’s funeral on Friday in Deniliquin will help family and friends grieve and be thankful.
  • Pray for the planning that is already taking place for 2019. Pray for guidance, wisdom and discernment for our leadership and each of us as we seek God’s direction for our church and our individual lives.
  • Read ahead in Luke 8:19-39 and praise our Lord Jesus for His amazing power over nature and spirits.

Post for Parents - Why I don’t want our children to be (just) happy

We are our kids to be happy, don't we? Isn't that the main aim for us as parents?

Well maybe there is a bit more to it than that. Check out this helpful article.


Community Seniors Event

The local PCYC are celebrating Seniors Weeks by having a 'Staying Active and Mobile' morning on Tuesday 21st August from 9-11:30am at their facility on Narracott Street.  Details of the morning are:

9:15am Heartfit - gentle to moderate exercise using weights

9:45am Thai Chi - relaxing class to help prevent falls

10:30am Chair Yoga - suitable class for seniors with injuries


10:30am Zumba - gentle dance class suitable for seniors that is fun at the same time

afterwards join the PCYC Carindale for free morning tea.

If you're interested in attending, please RSVP directly to the PCYC by Friday 17th August by phoning 3324 9652 or emailing carindalemanager@pcyc.org.au

Post for Parents - Chat Mats

Do you ever struggle to talk about meaningful things with your kids at dinner time? Well this week we have a resource that might help families chat about things that help in developing faith. 


These chat mats are developed from 8 foundational pillars that are central to helping form faith in your kids. You basically have the mats, roll a couple of dice, and then chat about whatever you are prompted to. With options for young kids and adults there are possibilities for everyone. There is also a guide to help you use them. You could even print some out and laminate them as placemats. Why not give them a try for a season.


Creek Road Prayer Term 3 Week 3

  • Who did you identify with in this week’s story from Luke: Simon the Pharisee or the unnamed woman who lived a sinful life? Or neither of them. Jesus’ forgiveness and welcome is for the woman who understood her need for forgiveness and showed her faith by her acts of love for Him. Thank God for becoming a human in Jesus and dying for us so our forgiveness is possible too.
  • As our staff gather this week to plan the Luke 10-14 Series for Term 1 2019, we want to particularly pray for two Partner Churches who are sharing this time. Please pray for:

Rose City Presbyterian Church, Warwick-In the 18 months that Dave and Sarah Bailey have been there, the church has seen an enormous turnover in leaders and members but through all of the change, God has been saving people, bringing new families, growing a youth growth group and raising up leaders. Give thanks to God for his work in Warwick and join with the church to pray for rain so that “God’s seeds are planted in the hearts of the people of Warwick”.  

Adelaide Presbyterian Church-Just 6 months into this revitalisation, pray for the pastors, Davo Gunning, Damien Carson and Ben Harvey that they will have eyes to see God’s work in the lives of individuals in Adelaide and be spurred on to be faithful in their task of building His Kingdom.

  • Continue to pray for our children of all ages who meet Jesus through many different ministries and for many, in their families, each week.  Pray that our leaders and our parents would teach the good news about Jesus clearly and model Jesus’ love faithfully and that God’s Spirit would grow faith in the children in our care.
  • Continue to pray for neighbours to BLESS this week.

God Speaks to the Heart

"I perceived how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth except the Scripture were plainly laid before their eyes in their mother tongue." – William Tyndale

What do all these books have in common?

Answer: they’re all words God speaks to people about the good news of Jesus. They’re all Bibles!

We’re ordering in a selection of Bibles in languages other than English for each of our campuses; Bibles in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish and Farsi. After they all arrive, these Bibles will be on display at our campuses, and with them an offer to anyone who’s first language isn’t English, that we can find for them a Bible in their language.

Why? Simply because we want people from every nation and language to know the good news of Jesus, and we want people from every nation and language to know they’re welcome to follow Jesus and grow in him as part of our church family.

And because a really fundamental way to let people know that is through God’s Word in their heart language.

Your heart language is your first language, the language you learnt growing up. It’s the language of your heart, the language that not only you think in, but that you feel in, through which you express your very self. It’s the language that speaks from and to a person’s soul.

Currently I’m attempting to learn a second language, German. I’m a bit inconsistent, it’s fun but also slow. I’m enjoying it and find lots that’s interesting but I have a fundamentally different relationship to German than I have to my heart language, English. You see, when I learn a second language I might start to grasp the vocabulary and the grammar but apart from the practical difficulty in understanding the more complex the language gets, I also only understand the language as someone looking from the outside in. I’m engaged in a mental process of translation that puts an intellectual distance between the words and my heart. It’s the same with the Bible. When I began studying Hebrew and Greek at Bible College I devised a plan to keep my skills in those languages up by doing my daily Bible reading in the original languages – for the rest of my life. Silly Bible College student. I lasted a couple of days. But it’s a really good thing that I wasn’t good enough at the original languages to do that. Had I, my Bible reading would’ve turned into a coldly intellectual translation exercise that would’ve been toxic to my soul.

That’s why translating the Bible into new languages has been a priority for Christians from the beginning, and why William Tyndale devoted his life to and ultimately was burned at the stake for translating it into English.

It’s such privilege for us to have God’s Word translated into English. We can hear God speak to us in words that touch our very inner selves. It’s very difficult, however, to remember that privilege. Today when we walk into churches, English Bibles are piled on tables at the door. They’re ordered in bulk for cheap. You can choose your personal favourite translation between a range of options on hand. Need a new one? Just pop down to your local Christian bookstore. For some of us they gather dust on our shelves, unread.

What about someone who comes to our church whose heart language isn’t English? Someone who has not yet accepted the gospel? Someone open to finding out about God? What does it say to them that the words of this God are available at our church but only in English? For many it will send a subconscious message that our God is first and foremost a God for the English speakers and that they first need to become skilled at English before they can hear him speak – and even then, they’ll only hear him as someone on the outside listening in. And even for those who already know God and have access to a Bible in their language, what will it say about us as a church? That though God might welcome them in, to us they will always stand somehow on the edge, on the outside, looking in.

How do we communicate that people who speak other languages first aren’t them, but part of us? That God speaks to their hearts as well? It’s impossible to have piles of Bibles in every language! This small selection of Bibles on display, with an offer to find whatever translation someone needs, is a step towards making clear to all people that God is their God too and we want to help them connect to him through the gospel of Jesus.

Are you interested in Baptism

It is a joy to have people within our church family who want to publicly acknowledge Jesus in their life or the life of their child.

If you or your child are interested in being baptised we have a Baptism Sunday coming up on August 26th. Please read through the document attached – Baptism at Creek Road and complete the appropriate form to register your interest in baptism by Wednesday 15th August (see links below). We will then contact you for the next steps.

Adult/Youth Baptism Form

Child Baptism Form

The next Baptism Sunday after this one will be November 25th

If you have any further questions please contact the Church office at office@creekroad.org.au or phone 33984333.

Kristi Hanger

Event Manager

Creek Road Prayer Term 3 Week 2

  • Praise God for Jesus’ model for life and pray that we might believe and live out that all we need for living life to the full can be found in relationship with Jesus.
  • Give thanks to God for an exciting first night for Term 3 of Family Connect with new kids and youth, new leaders taking on responsibilities, dinner working well and ongoing contact with families we met during Community Connect.
  • Give thanks to God for new people at all campuses but particularly Springfield last Sunday. Pray that we will always look to the interests of others as we welcome newcomers into our church family.  
  • Give thanks to God for the training of Grow Daily writers, Growth Group leaders and Ministry Pathways apprentices which took place last Saturday morning. Pray that God would grow each of these leaders in love for Him and in each of their ministry roles.
  • Continue to pray for the English Conversation Classes taking place at the South Bank campus. On Wednesday nights the team share the stories of Jesus with people from other cultures in our city and it is proving a wonderful Gospel opportunity.
  • Pray for the Planning Week next week where our team, together with our partner church pastors, will be working on the series resources for Luke 10-14 for Term 1 of 2019.  
  • Pray with expectancy for what the Lord will teach us this Sunday from Luke 7.    

A Post For Parents - Our Calling

This week we have an short video from Paul Tripp. One that speaks to our God-given calling as parents, and goes hand in hand with Matt's blog from last week.

Calling - A Gospel Principle for Parents, by Paul Tripp

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