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Morning Tea

We all love it - kids need it, specially when they are at Kids Community Connect

We are looking for a person who will lead the Morning Tea Team during the week of 8-12th July, 2019. There is a willing team, who have years of experience - they are just looking for a leader.

Kids Community Connect is a week dedicated to sharing the joy of following Jesus with kids from our community. It's heaps of fun and a great way to meet new people.

If you're interested in finding out more about this opportunity or would like to join the Kids Community Connect Team - let us know by completing this form 

Or chat with someone at the Next Steps Desk on Sunday


Andrea Pryde

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - Lakemba Cross Culture Exposure

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city. 

Last week, 10 members of our church from Creek Road and City South campuses went on a cross-cultural exposure trip to the Sydney suburb of Lakemba, hosted by the Good Shepherd Anglican church. The team received intensive training about how to share the gospel with Muslims, before hitting the streets to practice talking to and connecting with people, listening to their stories and telling stories about Jesus. Join us for dinner on Saturday 25th May to hear the team share how our whole church family can be equipped to share the gospel cross-culturally to Muslim people.


Please join us in celebrating, and praying for, how God is at work in Lakemba, and for the Cross Cultural Ministry there.

  • Thank God for the generosity of the church family and ministry team in billeting and training us
  • Pray for the people we served, the amazing food we ate, and the relationships strengthened in our team
  • Pray for the culture of our church to be shaped by gospel mission
  • Pray for God to work through the outreach mission of the Lakemba Peace Tent during Ramadan

Prayer Points - Living Church - 14/05/2019


  • The Planning week for Term 4 has started today. Please pray for the staff that they would be led by the spirit as they plan the weeks. 
  • Praise God for our partner Davo Gunning who is here with us at planning week. Praise God for the work he is doing in Adelaide in the churches there. The leaders are experiencing unity and growth in the churches both in numbers and in spiritual maturity. Please pray for this growth and unity to grow. Pray for wisdom for Davo as he leads the team and the several churches that they might be able to be like-minded in Christ and that God's kingdom would grow. 
  • Praise God for our partner Richard Riley as well who is here for planning week from Darwin. Praise God that the church is more stable now than before. Richard invites us to pray for the church that it would now take the step into growing both in numbers and in spiritual maturity. Pray for Richard as he is getting together a leadership team that god would provide the right people for that job.
  • Praise God for the community kids and families that are taking part in Kids Connect and the community kids that are taking part in Youth Connect. This is a huge praise point and an answer to prayers for us to be able to reach the city and reach the world. Pray that the leaders would be able to show them to love of God in real ways. Pray for wisdom and love to manage behaviors in all the kids alike. Pray that these kids and youth would be able to take the next steps to join growth groups and kids church. Pray also for leaders to meet these needs.
  • Praise God for our three campuses and the work God is doing here. Praise God for the members that are serving in these ministries that God would bless them and they could be encouraged.  Pray for our leaders that God would give them wisdom and sustain them as they lead. Pray for the financial needs that God would be able to provide through his people to sustain the ministry.

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - Gympie Presbyterian Church

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city.

The town of Gympie is about 160 km north of Brisbane and has a population of about 20,000. This is the first year that Gympie Presbyterian Church has partnered with C2C and we are very excited to have them on board. Daniel Saunders and his wife Anita and their 2 children have been at Gympie Presbyterian Church since 2016 and it is his first parish.

The town is growing and the church wants to be a faithful and attractive witness for Jesus in this changing community. There is a wide spread of ages and vocations. They are seeing newcomers at church from other towns but also who have no church background. This has meant a growing kids church and three growth groups meeting each week.

Dave and Kathy have made several visits to Gympie this year to meet with Daniel and Anita and the church’s leadership and to attend church on a Sunday morning. How great to see LC resources being used elsewhere; in a different context but helping and blessing a small, struggling church. Gympie Presbyterian church are using our 2 Samuel material alongside us in Term 2.

Please join us in celebrating, and praying for, how God is at work in Gympie, and through the partnership with Church2Church.

  • Thank God for new non-believers at church.

  • Pray that they will feel welcome and that God would bring them to trust in Jesus.

  • Thank God for two young women who are being baptised on Sunday 19 May and pray that they will continue to grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus.

  • Pray that God will raise up more leaders for the church to meet the needs of this growing congregation.

  • Pray for Daniel and Anita to have their eyes fixed on Jesus as they seek to love and serve the church and the community of Gympie. 

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - Tala Andig Outreach Program in the Philippines

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city.


Tala-Andig Outreach Program in partnership with Paul and Debbie Howells minister to the Tala- Andig and Higaunon people in the Philippines. They support indigenous mission on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines – a number of full time staff, over 70 male evangelists and over 30 female RE teachers (part-time) – to 4 unreached people groups.

One big highlight this year is that the translation of the Talaandig New Testament is now completed and is at the publishers!!! They estimate that it will be completed by October so please pray with us for this! They are looking forward so much to these New Testaments being in the hands of all the churches in all the regions that the work has spread to.  The churches are excitedly awaiting the distribution of the New Testament in their own language!


In April they held a youth camp with about 90 teenage campers from the different regions. On the last day there was a baptism and 26 youth asked to be baptized!!!

This month they held a Ladies’ Camp with about 110 campers from the different regions. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, praising the Lord, devotions on the beach before sunrise, teaching from the Word….!!!

In the beginning of May, there are about 90 men starting their Men’s Camp and Paul is there right now. Pray for a wonderful time for them as for the next three days they look into the Word to see what Jesus wants them to know. Every message is on the teachings of Jesus and we are praying it will be a very precious time.

Please join us in celebrating, and praying for, how God is at work in the Philippines.

  • The translation is with the publisher. Please pray for the typesetting and printing process.
  • God's grace was sufficient and always will be. He is the one who empowers his children and to Him alone goes the glory.
  • The Howell's are going on a whirlwind trip around many of our remote churches plus a Youth camp, a Men’s Camp and a Ladies’ Camp on in the next few weeks. Please pray for all of this and for safety as we travel.
  • Please pray for the youth that were baptized at Camp.
  • Please pray for the Men’s camp, that it’s a wonderful time to look at the word and spending time together.

Post For Parents - Authority

One of the foundational heart issues in the life of every child is authority. Teaching and modeling the protective beauty of authority is one of the foundations of good parenting.



During the first week of the school holidays Tom & Tish Fittell (and their boys) were a part of LOOP Camp at Perigian Springs near Noosa. 

Loop is a cluster camp run by Scripture Union which targets kids from schools and churches geographically nearby our Creek Road Campus.

48 grade 5 &6  kids came on camp, including 4 girls from Living Church (and one ring in from Biloaela who used to be part of our Creek Road community).


Camp involved a lot of group games and activities including a water war, CSI investigations into the untimely death of several donut men, as well as trips to Aqua Fun Park and the Noosa Pool.

The Highlight, though, for many leaders and campers, was the small group discussions that were part of the spiritual input time. 

Tom and Tish ran a teaching program based on the Jesus Watch Listen Follow series in Mark from a few years ago.

Each day a biblical character (a leader in costume) would share their eye witness encounters with Jesus and small groups were invited to explore their stories further in the bible and consider what they might learn about the person and work of Jesus.

Kids also got to hear the personal testimonies of Jesus work in the lives of one of the leaders each evening as well.

By the end of camp 16 kids decided to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus.  And several others from non-church families  expressed a desire to find out more about Jesus and what it means to follow him.

Please pray God will continue to work in the hearts of all the kids from camp, and continue to help them grow in their relationships with Him.

By God’s grace there were no injuries on camp this year, however we did have a number of leaders and campers come down with a nasty flu bug which kept our first aiders busy.  As many as 20 or more kids and leaders came down with the bug by the end of camp or in the week that followed.


Please pray:

  • Praise God for a great group of enthusiastic well behaved kids.
  • Praise God for the 16 kids that decided to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus.
  • Ask that God might help kids connect in with Church communities that will help them grow further in their relationships with God and his family.
  • Pray for the health and wellbeing of all those who were unwell during and after camp.
  • Pray that kids might continue their faith conversations with their school chaplains and church leaders in the coming weeks and months.

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - Ministry Equipping Queensland (MEQ)

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city. 

Throughout 2018, Church2Church has been preparing for the first MEQ (Mentor Equipping Queensland) Course and this finally began on 4-7 March 2019. The course is a 3 year commitment to 5 days of training each year and our first cohort is made up of 8 men and women from throughout Queensland. The training will prepare them to mentor others in the John Mark Ministries model of Christian Mentoring. David and Kathy have been trained to teach this course and Church2Church are the only group offering this training in Queensland.

Christian mentoring has shown itself to be an important contributor to both longevity, health and effectiveness in ministry.  This is true for those in any facet of Christian ministry. It focuses on the development of Christian character in the Mentoree, rather than skills, and this is what differentiates it from Christian Coaching.

The launching of the course in March this year is an acknowledgement of the importance of mentoring to healthy ministry and the beginning of the development of a cohort of godly, trained men and women in Queensland who can provide this ministry.

Church2Church will be commencing a new cohort of MEQ Training each year and it is open to anyone who is interested to apply.


Please join us in celebrating, and praying for, how God is at work in this ministry.

  • Thank God for the MEQ Training course and for the 8 men and women who have begun their training with Church2Church. Pray for each of them as they begin meeting with men and women in their churches who wish to grow in godliness and service of the Lord Jesus.
  • Pray for men and women who are keen to develop their skills in the area of mentoring to come forward for the next MEQ Course commencing in 2020 and pray that God will use this ministry to strengthen our church, our denomination and Christian leadership throughout Queensland.
  • Pray for the pastors and their wives that Dave and Kathy mentor on a monthly basis that God will use these relationships to grow leaders who bring honour and glory to Him

Prayer points - Living Church - 07/05/19

  • The team that went to Lakemba last week arrived back yesterday (Monday 6.5). Praise God for the work he is doing in Lakemba. The team was encouraged by the small church there whom they were able to do ministry with. They shared some of the encouraging stories from the connections that they made during the week. Pray that God blesses the church there particularly as Ramadan starts. During this time they will have a tent in the markets called the Peace Tent where they will serve tea and coffee. Pray that they will be able to make positive connections there and be able to share the gospel with the people they meet. 
  • This weekend our Kids and Youth team leaders spent the weekend at YNET a conference for leaders from all over Australia. Praise God for all the people that attended the weekend. They were able to be encouraged by each other, get alongside each other and learn from each other. Praise God for the Kids and Youth ministry here in Living Church and pray that God would continue to bless the leaders with wisdom to lead the teams and also pray that God would continue to bless these ministries.
  • Pray for Nathan Campbell as he preaches to the students at Citipoint tomorrow that God would speak through him to the youth.
  • Pray for Church2Church as they are currently planning the content for the conference that will happen in August. During the conference they will also have a Supporters Dinner. Pray for God to bless this planning process and also that it would reach the right people both for the conference and the Supporters Dinner.
  • Praise God for everything he is doing in our campuses and pray that we would be able to reach many new comers and also be able to encourage each other to grow in our faith. Pray for health, strength and wisdom for campus pastors and our leaders as they serve us.

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Since making the decision to decommission the App, we've had a few people ask how they can now access Grow Daily.

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