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Announcement and Prayer for our Senior Pastor

Three weeks ago we let you know that our Senior Pastor, Steve Cree, had been placed on sick leave by his doctor until the end of June. On Sunday (23 June) our church’s Elders and Managers provided the following update to the church on Steve’s sick leave. This update also includes information that Steve himself has asked be conveyed to the church, as Steve wishes us to be accurately informed about the reasons for his sick leave:
Steve Cree’s doctor has given Steve an extension of his current sick leave until 30 September 2019 in order to continue his efforts to focus on personal healing. The church board is supportive of Steve as he does this. With professional help, Steve has recently identified that at the core of some of his struggles is unidentified and unaddressed trauma that began early in childhood. Steve will be working with a coach to guide him through a structured time of healing so that Steve will most effectively use this time and return to Living Church strengthened and encouraged. During this time, Steve asks that you pray for him and his family as the next few months also contain some unique and special family events. 

Here is the prayer the church prayed on Sunday for Steve and his family, and for the staff and people of Living Church:
Dear Heavenly Father, as we place ourselves again in your hands, we acknowledge that there is no safer, no more secure place, than in Christ.
You, Lord Jesus, are our comfort, our peace and our joy in all and in every situation. You have given us your Spirit and it is by his power we come to you to pray for Steve and Ros and their family, for the Staff at Living Church and for ourselves.
Lord we pray for Steve and Ros and their family. We pray especially for Steve that you will continue to work in him to lean upon you more and more, that Steve will find ways forward in health and wholeness. We pray for Ros and the family as they support Steve; may there be wonderfully rich times in this season.
Jesus our King, we pray for the ministers and staff of Living Church, at all three campuses. Uphold and strengthen them as they seek to serve us. May they too know your presence and sustaining power. We thank you for them. We pray also for the church board as it meets to guide and guard our campuses.
Lord Jesus Christ, you our great Shepherd king, we pray for ourselves. Keep us hopeful, loving and confident in you. You are our king and that has not changed, help us to see opportunities large and small where we can share our hope and love with our brothers and sisters, and with those who don’t yet know you. Amen.

Help needed - K.C.C celebration service BBQ!

Sausage sizzle

Calling all tong-masters!

The last Sunday of the school holidays (July 14) is our Kids Community Connect celebration service!  You can expect an exciting performance that some of the kids will have been practicing throughout the week.  You can also expect some quality social time, and an epic BBQ lunch sausage sizzle with plenty of food for all!

We do need some people though to help make the BBQ part happen :)  Specifically, we'll need about 3-4 people to help cook sausages, serve food and clean up afterwards.  All the food will be ready to go, so you just need to turn up and do your thing.

If you think this is something you and maybe some people from your growth group could help with, please get in touch with Kristian, either via the Next Steps Desk or directly via email at kristianodempsey@livingchurch.org.au.

Baking for Kids Community Connect

We need…Cupcakes Muffins Biscuits Slices Cakes Cookies …. Or any other yummy treat you love to bake

Contributions can be baked in advance and deposited to the Church freezer or delivered on the Sunday before Community Connect (Sunday 7th July)

Please clearly label all donations “Community Connect Baking” and include an ingredients list for the items you are baking.

If possible please use containers that we can throw out afterwards or if you would like your container returned please clearly Label it with your name on it.

If you can do allergy specific baking please let us know, we don't know what allergies we have yet but will know once registrations close.

You can also drop off to the church kitchen fresh baking any morning of Community Connect (8th July – 12th July) from 7:30am.

On behalf of the morning tea team, I sincerely thank you in advance for your baking help and serving God as part of our team in this way.

Any questions don’t hesitate to call/text or email.
Kerrie Dahler
0408 744 811

Post for Parents - Talking church with your teenager and young adult

Going to church. It is a healthy habit of meeting together with our church family. Healthy for us, healthy for ouw kids. But how do we help our teenagers and young adults wrestle with going to church when they start to question it all?

First as parents we have to realise that what we model is the most likely thing our kids will pick up and follow into adult life. So we need to check our own heart & habits towards church community first.

Beyond that what are some healthy ways we can talk to our kids about the importance of church? Here is an article I found helpful.


CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - School Chaplaincy

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city. 

School Chaplaincy is such a wonderful opportunity to minister in schools. It is a privilege to partner along with local school chaplains to encourage and support their ministry, and to be a bridge between the ministry in schools and the local church.

We currently financially support the following school chaplains around Creek Road campus:

  • Gary Cazzulino – Whites Hill State College & Balmoral State High School
  • Margita Downey – Cav Rd State High School
  • Mal Brown – Camp Hill State School • Jordan Briggs – Mayfield State School
  • Josh Mills – Carina State School

As a church we actively work in partnership in a number of these schools running breakfast clubs, lunch time Bible studies, religious instruction and more. Cluster camps such as Loop (primary) and Outbreak Extreme (high school) are great opportunities we take up to get involved in a camp with these local chaplains and be able to clearly present the gospel to kids & youth.

While we are not at the stage of financially supporting chaplains near City South or Springfield yet, it is great to be a part of running religious instruction at West End State School near City South, and Woodcrest State College near Springfield.

Please join us in celebrating and praying for how God is working through school chaplaincy.

  • Praise God for the opportunity we have to be in our local schools, and pray that God may keep this opportunity open.
  • Pray for each of the chaplains that we support that they can be sustained as they support both students and teachers in their schools and show them the love of Jesus.
  • Pray that as a local church we can work effectively alongside the chaplains to enhance the opportunities for young people and families to be plugged into Jesus and into a local church.

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - Rose City Presbyterian Church

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city. 


The revitalisation of Rose City Presbyterian commenced in January 2017 with Dave and Sarah Bailey moving from ministry at Living Church to Warwick in the Southern Downs. Rose City Presbyterian Church were partners with Living Church before Church2Church was established so they have helped to shape the goals and processes of Church2Church.

The initial 3 year revitalisation plan has been supported by PCQ and concludes at the end of 2019. Since January 2017, the church has seen a constant stream of newcomers who have been Christians moving to Warwick and unbelievers new to Warwick. They quickly outgrew their old church building and have been meeting in the Dining Hall of the local Christian College.

Please join us in celebrating and praying for how God is changing lives in Warwick

  • Give thanks to God for the many ways the church has grown through the sickness of Dave Bailey at the beginning of this year.
  • Pray especially for the local preaching team that is being trained-Jeff, David, Nick and Brian.
  • Praise God for two new local elders this year. Pray that God would continue to grow them in love for Him and His people.
  • Thank God for the growth of Growth Groups, particularly the Youth and new Young Adult groups.
  • Pray for the youth who want to share their Growth Group experience with their friends at school.
  • Thank God for the constant flow of new people to church especially those who have trusted in Jesus for the first time and taken on church membership.
  • Pray that the church can also reach long time locals of Warwick.
  • Pray for wisdom for the church leadership as they work through decisions about property and possible future facilities.

Living Church Term 2 Week 9 Prayer Points


“For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!” Romans 5:10

  • Praise God that while we were His enemies, Jesus died for us so that we can be His friends and give Him thanks for all that he will do in us now that we are his children.
  • Thank God for the many people who serve our church community; for playgroup leaders, kids and youth leaders, those who help look after our facilities, those who provide food, growth group leaders and those who care for others in small but important ways. Pray that we will continue to love all the diverse parts of our church body as we serve Christ, who is our head.
  • Pray for the Rangiawha family as they travel and holiday in Canada with Petrina’s family.  Thank God for their ministry amongst us and pray for safety and refreshment.  
  • Pray for Phil Strong as he is inducted as the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland for the next 12 months. This will involve extra denominational responsibilities, travel and preaching so pray for strength and wisdom as he keeps his eyes on Jesus.
  • Continue to pray for the preparations for Community Connect Week. Pray for leaders and children and particularly for the children and adults coming from the Aboriginal community of Woorabinda that through fun and love, we can share the good news about Jesus.
  • Pray for our family and friends as we put into practice what we are learning through Sam Chan’s book Evangelism in a Skeptical World. May we trust God and work hard to love those in our life, like Jesus.
  • Pray for Church2Church as they visit Warwick again this weekend to work with the new elders at Rose City Presbyterian Church.     

CELEBRATE | PARTNER | PRAY - James & Honoria Brennan FOCUS UQ

This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city. 


The University of Queensland is a mission field. More than 50,000 students attend each week, of which 34% are from overseas (18,000). James and Honoria Brennan work with AFES at UQ, to tell these international students about Jesus. Some highlights from last term:

  • Numerical growth: in term one we averaged about 50 each week (up from 35 last year). More of our students have come consistently, including our non-Christians. We continue to have many more women than men.
  • A great FOCUS Camp over the Easter weekend: our biggest ever (114 people, with 55 from UQ). International students from UQ, QUT and Griffith joined together, and it was an important time biblically and relationally
  • Honoria has been delighted to mentor four girls this semester (pictured). Two of them are up-and-coming leaders from China and Hong Kong.


Please join us in celebrating and praying for how God is changing lives at UQ through the work of AFES FOCUS and the Brennans

  • Give thanks that so many people are keen to read the Bible with us.
  • Please pray that more of our international students would be equipped to teach the Bible, in Australia and when they return home.

What will Phil Strong be doing as PCQ Moderator?

Living Church is a part of the group of churches known as the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ). In June each year representatives of each church gather in Brisbane for the annual PCQ Assembly. The chairperson of the Assembly meeting is known as the Moderator. At the 2018 Assembly Phil was elected to take up this role at the 2019 Assembly. The Moderator chairs key meetings and speaks on behalf of the PCQ to the media and at special events. Every 12 months a new Moderator is appointed. This is a role that is done as an extra responsibility in addition to Phil’s normal ministry with Living Church. The great majority of Phil’s time an energy will continue to be devoted to the ministry of Living Church.


This term we are celebrating the partners in the Gospel that we have overseas, in Australia, and in our city.

Our City South campus has partnered with Micah Projects in West End for five years; supporting the launch of the Hope St Cafes (on Hope St at Brisbane Common Ground, and on Boundary St).

Currently Hope on Boundary has an art exhibition from our very own Nilima Harjal, who lives at Common Ground and has been part of our City South community for four years.

Nilima had a launch of her exhibition that was attended by Micah Projects staff, people from City South, and her friends, including some neighbours from Common Ground.

Please join us in celebrating and praying for how God is changing lives through Micah Projects

  • Give thanks that Micah Projects do excellent work in the community supporting people at the margins.
  • Pray for more opportunities for City South to connect with people through Micah Projects, that we might be a faithful presence living out the love of Jesus as we partner in these projects that are examples of Living Mercy in our community