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Kids Community Connect - The Quest Of The Mighty Knight

While we are in the middle of these school holidays, some people might already be turning their minds to the next one. So for anyone out there with primary aged kids, why not start sharing the opportunity to be involved with our wonderful annual kids community connect program at Creek Road campus. Check out all the details at the following link:



2018 (Audited) Financial Statements, Independent Auditor’s Report, PWA annual Report

Please find attached the now completed Statement and Independent Auditor’s Report that has been sent to our Church Board members.

If you have any questions about the attached Statement and Independent Auditor’s Report, please ring Janet Sutton on 3398 4333 or email accounts@livingchurch.org.au.org.au.

We are pleased also to provide the PWA Annual Report 2018.


Phil Strong
Living Church Board Chairman
on behalf of the Living Church Board

Good Friday Hot Cross Buns


It’s fun sharing hot cross buns as a church family over Easter. This year, over our three campuses we’ll be having hot cross buns at church on GOOD FRIDAY.


Creek Road Campus: If you are able to contribute a packet of hot cross buns, we’d love you to bring them into church before Good Friday, and leave them in the freezer in the kitchen, otherwise you can bring them to the kitchen on Good Friday before the service starts. 

We also need people to help butter the buns during the last song, if you are able to help please contact Kristi in the office on 33984333 or kristihanger@livingchurch.org.au


Springfield and City South Campuses: If you are able to bring some hot cross buns to share, we’d love if you could bring them on Good Friday – cut in half and ready to go would be best!

And why not invite someone you know to join you at church this Easter.

Post For Parents - Lost

As a parent you’re not dealing just with bad behavior, but a condition that causes bad behavior.



New Blog Post - Count the Cost of Living Generously this budget season

We often write blog posts that are designed to provoke thoughtful reflection on things going on in the world. We write these to help people view the world we live in, in light of what Jesus has done in dying and rising again. We post these on our blog and we post them on social media, to make it easier for you to reflect on current events, but also so you can easily share with your social networks.

Coming out of our Term 1 series "The Way Home - Count the Cost", and in light of the Federal Budget being handed down on Tuesday, Nathan Campbell has put out a piece looking at the Cost of Living and what it really means to Count the Cost as a follower of Jesus.

Read it on the Living Church blog

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Prayer Points - Living Church - 02/04/2019

  • Term 1 came to an end last Sunday as we heard the last talk 'Carry your Cross'  from The Way Home 3 and took part in the shared meal. Praise God for the term, for the growth we have seen in numbers in all campuses, for the growth we have seen individuals as we've taken part in the 12 week challenge, and for the growth in the number of people willing to serve. Continue to please pray for this. 
  • Praise God for the positive teaching that Greg Cooper brough to our music teams. Pray for the music teams as they lead us that they could continue to put these things into practise for the glory of God. 
  • Praise God for the Connections Conference where Kathy Thurston and Bloss Wilson were able to able to talk. The talks went really well and there was a good response to them.
  • Pray for Kathy and Dave Thurston as they go out to Adelaide to support our partner churches there. Pray for wisdom for them as they mentor the individuals and work with the team there. 
  • Pray for the holiday church family services that they would go well as we meet together as one big family. 
  • Pray for Easter Services as well that everything would go smoothly and that we would be able to reach many new people through the postcard blitz and word of mouth. We want more people to hear the good news about Jesus, his death and resurrection and what good news it is for all of us. 
  • Pray for the Woorabinda trip as well as people are preparing for it. Pray that everyone would be safe, that the people going would be able to learn and grow during the trip and that Jesus would be able to use them to love the local children and people there. 
  • Pray for Term 2 as well and commit it into God's hands.  

Kids Community Connect - Plan to come along and be part of the fun

Kids Community Connect at our Creek Road Campus is one week of unbelievable fun happening in the July school holidays.

A huge Team comes together to bring the wonderful gospel to 100+ kids.

Our Team needs all sorts of skills:-

  • Telling stories
  • Playing games
  • Making Coffee
  • Patching wounds
  • Sitting quietly
  • Laughing
  • Singing
  • Having more fun than you can imagine....

No matter how long the above list - it wouldn't describe everything - so all you really need is a love for Jesus and a willingness to join a great Team of people Monday 9 - Frifday 12 July, 2019.

Click here to let us know that you'd like to help.


The Kids Community Connect Team


Term 2 Ministry Dinner and Congregational Meeting

Our Term 2 Ministry Dinner will be held on Wedneasday 24th Aprilstarting at 6:30pm. We’ll join together for great food, great singing and great learning, Whether your home campus is Springfield, City South or Creek Road, please join us. Childminding is available. We really do hope to see you there. Register Here before 8pm Sunday 21st April.

One part of the Ministry Dinner will be our quarterly Living Church Congregational Meeting. Please find attached the agenda for that meeting and the Vision Document.

Joint Congregational Meeting Agenda 24 April

2019 Q2 Vision Update

The three action items we’ll be voting on appear under the following headings in the agenda:

  • Amendment to Petrina Rangiawha’s Terms of Appointment
  • Reports and Financial Statements to be sent to the Auditor
  • Administration Assistant Appointment

These items will be explained at the Congregational Meeting and will be voted on by ballot (as we normally do at our congregational meetings).

Easter Postcard Blitz

Thanks to everyone who has "put their hand up" to help out with our Easter Postcard Blitz.

It would be great if even more people could join the Teams who are spreading out across our suburbs, walking, praying and dropping invitations into letterboxes.

If you're keen to help - please let us know by filling in this form.

Once we know who will be part of the Teams - we'll contact you with details of where and when.


There will also be a number of the postcards available at each Campus for people to take to invite friends and family.

Post For Parents - The Biggest Hindrance to Your Kids’ Faith Isn’t Doubt. It’s Silence

Do you worry about the faith of your kids? Whether they have doubts about God, Jesus, the Bible?

Doubts are natural, and are important to explore as kids grow and mature. So how do we respond as parents?

Check out this article that explores how as parents we can journey with kids through their doubts so they can find their own personal faith in the context of your family and the wider church family.



And if you are more a listener than a reader you can also hear the same two authors exploring these same issues on this podcast. Just skip ahead to 32:24 to hear the interview.

iPhone - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/episode-341-adolescence-isnt-what-it-used-to-be-w-kara/id591157388?i=1000431307078&mt=2

Android -  https://castbox.fm/vb/134437897?_t=32%3A24