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A Post For Parents - When should I take my child to see a psychologist?

Mental health issues are on the rise in our young people. There is no doubt in my mind that we are seeing more and more cases of anxiety, depression, self-harm. eating disorders, etc in children and teenagers. And the stats back it up.

So when you you take your child to see a psychologist? This helpful artcile has some good advice: 


And always remember that we are here as a church family to support parents and children as they deal with any mental health issues that arise. We have a great framework to help us all help each other through the challenges of mental health. Contact me if you need any advice on mental health professionals and wider support.

Are you interested in Baptism

It is a joy to have people within our church family who want to publicly acknowledge Jesus in their life or the life of their child.

If you or your child are interested in being baptised we have a Baptism Sunday coming up Sunday week on November 25th. Please read through the document attached – Baptism at Creek Road and complete the appropriate form to register your interest in baptism by Monday 19th November (see links below). We will then contact you for the next steps.

Adult/Youth Baptism Form

Child Baptism Form

The next Baptism Sunday will be in March 2019

If you have any further questions please contact the Church office at office@creekroad.org.au or phone 33984333.

Kristi Hanger

Event Manager

Creek Road Prayer Term 4 Week 6

  • Give thanks to God that when we trust in Jesus we can have confidence to escape judgement because Jesus has already taken the punishment we deserved on himself and been raised from death to life, and so can we.
  • Give thanks to God for a great year of Family Connect. Thank God for new kids and youth, continued contact with families, the catering team who have provided dinner, committed leaders who have delivered the message of Jesus creatively and with passion. Pray particularly for youth transitioning to Young Adults as they leave school.
  • Give thanks to God for the growing Kids Church ministry at Springfield and City South.
  • As Christmas comes onto our radar, pray for our church preparations and for those friends and family you could invite to join us at one of our Christmas services.
  • Give thanks that in Christ we are all equally loved by God, equally forgiven by God and equally called by God to give our lives to Him. Pray that as we are challenged by Jesus again this Sunday, we would show that love and forgiveness to all those we encounter.  

A Post For Parents - Inability

Recognizing what you are unable to do is essential to good parenting.


Creek Road Prayer Term 4 Week 5

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain..” (Revelation 21:4)

  • Praise our God whose plan of salvation rescues us from the penalty and power of sin and will rescue us from the consequences of sin.
  • Give thanks to God for an encouraging weekend conference with our Church2Church Partner Churches. Thank Him for connecting us with wonderful men and women to support in ministry, for generous supporters and excellent resources from Creek Road.
  • Continue to pray for the Got Questions Series; for the many people at each campus asking good questions, our interactions on social media, the difficult talks still be to written. Pray that God will turn every opportunity this series gives us, to honour Him.
  • Pray for our Church Board as they plan for the new year and particularly the two new members Phil Richardson and Henriette Muller. Pray that our Heavenly Father will be their strength and guide in these new responsibilities.
  • How can a good God send people to Hell? Pray for this Sunday at church as we talk about the difficult subject of Hell. Pray that all present will know the safety in Jesus.   

Post For Parents - Appreciating Our Leaders

Do you appreciate the leaders in your kids lives?

Our kids church, youth & young adults leaders give so much of themselves for our young people every year. This year we are having a combined end of year celebration for all our kids, youth & young adults teams across all our campuses. A chance to get together and celebrate what God has done young lives through these teams. We are considering getting the dinner for the event catered, but I am wondering is if any parents out there would like to say thank you by providing some dessert for the evening? If we have a number of dessert options from different parents, and possibly some notes of thanks that come along with it, it would be a great way for parents to give back to the leaders who have given so much for your kids.

The breakup is on the evening of Friday November 30 at the Lifeplace centre in West End.

If you would like to provide something for the evening please contact me directly:
Chris Pine
0403 187 076

Creek Road Prayer Term 4 Week 4

If anyone causes one of these little ones-those who believe in me- to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. (Matthew 18:6)

  • Give thanks to God that His Son Jesus loved and protected the innocent and vulnerable and endured abuse himself even to the point of death, so that we could be friends with God. Pray that His church will love and protect the innocent and vulnerable too.
  • Give thanks to God for the opportunity to care for one another as we talk about the question of abuse in the church. Pray that we will speak up about this topic with those outside the church and point them to our wonderful saviour, Jesus.
  • Continue to pray for the many new youth at Youth Connect that they will trust in Jesus and be discipled in Growth Groups. And pray for new Growth Group leaders to care for them.
  • Pray for those in our church community and our local community that find their life full of fear and anxiety or who struggle with everyday situations because of depression or stress. May we be safe, caring, patient people in their lives who show the compassion of Jesus.
  • Please pray for the Church2Church Conference this weekend as Partner Church pastors and their wives meet together to share experiences of pastoring with our resources in many different contexts. Specifically, please pray for the Presbyterian Churches of Adelaide, Darwin, Rose City, Gympie and Goondiwindi.  

Results of the Congregational Meetings (24th October)

Thanks to everyone who attended the congregational meetings at Carina, City South and Springfield last night (24th October). All the motions put to the meetings were agreed to by the Ministry Partners and Attenders who were present at these meetings. Here is a summary of the results:

Approve 2019 Budget and Appoint Auditor: 99% of the Ministry Partners and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

Phil Richardson - Election to the Eldership: 99% of the Ministry Partners (1 person abstained from the vote) and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

Managers on the Church Board for 2019: 100% of the Ministry Partners and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

Petrina Rangiawha - Series Planning Manager: 99% of the Ministry Partners and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

Carina Facility Upgrade: 89% of the Ministry Partners and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

City South Lease Agreement: 100% of the Ministry Partners and 100% of the Attenders present were in favour.

Parenting Through The Abuse Question

This week our political leaders offered an official apology to all the victims of institutional child sex abuse. So it is very appropriate that in church we are dealing with the question "Why is there so much abuse in the church?".

As a parent you may be wondering how as a church we are approaching this topic with our kids. There is the tension between wanting to protect the innocence of children, and arming them to deal with the darkness of the broken world we live in.


In our youth growth groups we will not be shying away from this very real question. By the time children are in high school they are well exposed to issues of abuse, and protecting themselves and others. Many of our youth will be aware of the royal commission and all the abuse that has been uncovered within the church. So for those reasons we feel it important to address this question that their friends may well be asking, and even themselves. You can be assured that we will also clearly abide by our child safety policy that demands mandatory reporting of any disclosures of abuse. If you have any concerns about this topic for your youth then please talk to their growth group leader as we very much want to continue to work in partnership with parents.


With our kids it is trickier as there is a broad range of ages we are working with.

For pre-primary kids they will be continuing their Bible overview curriculum which does not address this issue.

For the primary aged kids, we are caring for upper primary kids who will have similar exposure and questions to our youth, but with the children in the younger grades there is a greater degree of innocence to this question. While we may want to avoid the question with our younger kids we are also very aware that kids of all ages are subject to horrifying abuse of all kinds. The kids team wrestled hard on where to land this for our kids church lessons. In the end we decided to shape the kids church lesson more around the question "What does God say about people who hurt others?". This lesson will allow kids church leaders to tailor the lesson to the age and stage of their kids. For younger kids it may stay in the realm of the school yard, but for older kids there may be questions from the kids that lead to discussion about the very real issue of abuse in all sorts of other locations. Regardless of where the conversation goes there are some things we want all our kids church lessons to land with:

  • Jesus wants the hurting to stop.
  • If you are being hurt make sure you tell someone you trust.
  • Jesus wants the person doing the hurting to stop and turn back to Jesus.

If the conversation goes to areas of abuse we will give our kids church leaders discretion on how far to take that conversation on the day, and where appropriate inform parents of any concerns. But we will also clearly abide by our child safety policy that demands mandatory reporting of any disclosures of abuse. Again if you have any concerns about this topic for your kids then please talk to their kids church leader as we very much want to continue to work in partnership with parents.


Regardless of what is taught and discussed on Sunday, we would encourage all our parents to be in conversation with their kids in age appropriate ways about dealing with abuse. This is a tricky topic to bring up, but such an important one in the broken world we live in. We want to help parents address this topic with their children as best they can. Here are some resources you might want to consider using to talk to your kids about their body, sexuality & staying safe (all available to borrow upon request or from the Carina church library):

God Made All Of Me - Ages 2-8

Birds And Bees By The Book - Ages 7-10

Growing Up By The Book - Ages 10-14

Teen Sex By The Book - Ages 15+

And I like the tips in this article - Preventing #MeToo Begins In Preschool - about reading 'body books' with your children:

  1. Always pre-read
  2. Be prepared for random associations (& tricky questions)
  3. Pray
  4. Keep talking

Please join me in prayer for all our kids teams, youth teams, parents, and in fact the whole church as we tackle this hard but vitally important issue this weekend and beyond.

Salvation Army Band at Staying Sharp event

Staying Sharp is a seniors program we've been running once a term this year.  The last one for the year is on Friday 16th November at 9:30 and we're excited to share that The Salvation Army band will be joining us again.  It is always a wonderful morning of music and fellowship so for the seniors amongst us, please plan to come and invite your friends to join us.

After the band have played, we will all share morning tea together, with the morning expected to finish around 11am.  This is a great opportunity to chat with one another and share our faith with our friends from Vela.  If you are not a senior but would like to come, you are more than welcome - the more the merrier.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet in the office on 3398 4333.