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Creek Road Facility upgrade

This year, we hope to kick off the long planned and awaited facilility upgrade project.
Our target is to raise $50,000 prior to engaging builders. As at 13 Januray, we are $17,500 pledged or donated! 

Are you ready to pledge?

To make a pledge for the Carina facility upgrade, see the Next Steps Desk.

Are you ready to donate?

To make a donation to the Carina facility upgrade, please use Direct Debit into the following account:

Account Name: Creek Road Central
BSB: 064 000
Account Number: 1367 3178
Reference: Carina Facility 

For a reminder, here is a video of the fly through ... https://vimeo.com/290854181

More information (Extract from the Vision Document) https://livingchurch.elvanto.com.au/file/6c429505-3d24-41ad-b539-2cb44418eaf3/   

At Carina, we continue to move the facility upgrade project forward. We are seeking to build a great outdoor area with a new access from the hall by opening out room 1. The outdoor space has 120 square meters of roof structure for all year use, and turf space to run and play. Through a cost estimate process, the team has scoped a great space within reasonable costs. The design and the associated application to Brisbane City Council will allow for future expansion.

A new electronic sign to replace the current sign on the corner of Creek and Fursden Roads, as well as new branding art work for the western wall, and clearer signage for the Fursden Road entrance. Total project estimate is $505,000.

Funding for this project is $250,000 from capital savings, at least $55,000 from a once off building fund campaign, and 2 years ‘repayment’ to savings of $100,000 per year. Whatever is raised above $55,000 will reduce the need to draw on savings.


For more information about the project, please contact Tim Collard: timcollard@livingchurch.org.au or 0408 758 835.

Living Church - Prayer Points - 22/01/2019

  • Praise God for leader's retreat that happened on the weekend. It was a great weekend of building community and culture and preparing for the year ahead. We especially want to praise God for the numerous Junior Leaders that are part of this team and growing up to be future leaders.
  • We have also had to say farewell this past weekend to key members in our church family. Mick and Kamina Wust from our City South campus and Matt and Jo Graham from our Creek Road campus. We want to praise God for the time that we were able to have them with us and pray for them as they move on (Wusts to Sydney and Grahams to Biloela) that they would settle in well with new homes, schools and jobs and find a good church where they can continue serving God. 
  • Pray for our Cross Cultural Ministries Pastor Ryan Dehnert as he starts the Conversation Club this week and as he is preparing for the mission trip to Lakemba. 
  • Pray for City South campus pastor - Nathan Campbell and his family as they are packing and looking to move out of their home for at least 6 months due to renovations that are being done to remove asbestos. 
  • Pray for the first weekend in February with Youth Camp and the Living Church launch occuring on that weekend that God would bless everything we do. 

Living Church Youth 2019

Youth Ministry is gearing up for a big year in 2019. 

Here are some key dates to kick off the new year. 


1. Youth Camp - 1-3 Feb 2019. Youth camp is actually the first thing we will do this year. Here is the link to register. 


2. Friday Connect/Youth Connect - The kick-off date for our Friday night program is the 8th of February.

3. Growth Groups - The first date for growth groups is the 10th of February /4 pm/ at the Creek Road Ministry Centre

4. Parent Breakfast. This year, we are not doing a parent breakfast, instead, we are doing a 'New Parent Meal' only for parents who are new to youth ministry. Stay tuned for more information. 

5. We will replace the 'training' aspect of parent breakfast with a parent night in term two or term three for parents of kids and youth. 


For more information about the Youth Program, you can contact us in the following ways. Please remember to update your emails to the new contact details if that is your preferred method of communication. 




Matt Mansfield Youth Pastor

0430 532 788



Ellen Wilcox - Youth Ministry Trainee



Chris Pine - Kids, Youth, Young-Adults Director



Looking forward to a great year!

Living Church Youth Team


Name Change: 'Cross Culture Connect' to become 'Cross Cultural'

With the change of the name of our church from ‘Creek Road Presbyterian Church’ to ‘Living Church’, the time feels right for the Cross Culture Connect ministry to also change names. It will now simply be ‘Cross Cultural’, with two arms: ‘Cross Cultural Ministries’ referring to Living Church’s own cross cultural ministries and ‘Cross Cultural Partnerships’ to refer to our partnerships with people who are doing cross cultural outreach in other contexts. At first glance these changes may feel a little bit cosmetic and pointless, but in fact they’re meant to signify some really important things. So why the change?

Dropping ‘Connect’: Having the word ‘Connect’ in our name aimed to show how cross cultural ministry at Creek Road fit into our pathway of ‘Connect, Grow, Serve’. That’s a good thing because the last thing we want is to have a particular pathway as a church but our cross cultural ministry stuck off to the side. Ephesians 2:11-18 tells us that the blood of Jesus has torn down any ethnic or national barriers and made us all one people in Christ. However, the term ‘Connect’ has been removed from the name of our cross cultural ministry for two reasons:

1. We at Living Church, across our campuses, are already one family made up of people from many different nations and cultures – who trust in Jesus and seek to reach the city and reach the world together. Jesus has already made us one! So we want to make sure we don’t unintentionally communicate that ‘we’ inside the church are all from one culture and everyone from differing cultures are outside – who ‘we’ are trying to reach.

2. This means that God calls our whole life and fellowship as a church to be multi-cultural. We’re called to Connect across cultures, but also to Grow and Serve together across cultures too, and to strive more and more to show the world the unity Jesus has given us. Therefore the goal of Cross Cultural at Living Church is to become a part of everything we do as a church and to be an important expression of our lives following Jesus together. It’s a key part of our Connect ministry, but also more than that.

Keeping ‘Cross Cultural’: Is the term 'Cross Cultural' the best way to talk about these things? There's no simple way to talk about things like culture or ethnicity. All of us have a cultural and ethnic identity and there's a broad spectrum of different ways we think about that. Many of us see ourselves as inhabiting more than one ethnic or cultural identity and for many of us how we think about our ethnic or cultural identity will change over our lives. Any language we use to talk about that ends up being difficult, clunky and sometimes even unhelpful. For example, we often use the word ‘culture’ to talk about particular national or ethnic groups of people, but not always; sometimes we refer to cultural differences within a people group (e.g. In Australia we sometimes talk of cultural differences between generations or between sub-cultures). But we need to talk about it somehow, because the New Testament is clear that reversing the curse of Babel in Genesis 11 (which is division and mistrust between national and ethnic groups) is a major work of the cross of Jesus that we are called to live in as his people. We need to be intentional about that - otherwise we all habitually drift back to our sinful tendency to stick to our comfort zones. There’s no perfect terminology can but the term ‘cross cultural’ is at least a useful term to refer to. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this change or anything to do with Cross Cultural at Living Church, please don’t hesitate to contact me at RyanDehnert@livingchurch.org.au

Living Church re-brand update

As you would have seen last Sunday, the Living Church rebrand is well under way. Over the next 2 weeks, you’ll see some more changes around the place.


Our new website is ready for launch. Why not check it out at livingchurch.org.au

Social Media

You may have noticed our social media presence changing too. This shouldn’t affect what you see online, but for your information, we are now at:



You can now find our church communication platform, Elvanto, at
don’t forget to update any bookmarks you might have. Your login details will not change.

The App

The Creek Road App is being decommissioned. All the content from that has been included on the new Living Church website.

For campus specific content, like bible talk podcasts and vodcasts, visit:

Creek Road Campus talks: https://livingchurch.org.au/creekroad
Springfield Campus: https://livingchurch.org.au/springfield
City South Campus: https://livingchurch.org.au/citysouth

We invite you to subscribe to Grow Daily to have it delivered to your inbox

Email Addresses

Staff email addresses are now in the format of: FirstnameLastname@livingchurch.org.au. Check out Elvanto for a directory of email addresses.

Public Launch

We will be publicly launching our brand across all 3 campuses at our service on Sunday 3rd February – with a Bring and Share meal after. It would be great if you plan to be there.

Ron Clark's Funeral

Ron Clark's funeral is going to be held at Living Church, Creek Road on 9 January 2019 at 10am.

For those who didn't know Ron, he was a Minister within Presbyterian Church of Queensland, holding many positions within the statewide church over many, many years.  He was also Dad to Toni Cash (member of our Creek Road congregation) and Sharon Clark, father-in-law to Toni’s husband Paul and grandad to Rhi Soares (also a member of Living Church) and her brother Koby.  Ron was at the 9am Christmas Day service with Toni at Creek Road.  He passed away on Sunday morning.

Please join us in praying for the family as they grieve and celebrating with them that Ron is now in heaven with Jesus.

Contact the Office should you need any further detail - 3398 4333.


The Road to Living Church

As you would be aware, our board approved us to take forward the rebrand of our church to Living Church.

Over the next few months, the team will be working to rebrand the church, with the aim to publicly launch our new name on Sunday 3rd February 2019.

Over the next few months, you will notice a number of changes as we prepare for this exciting event in our church’s life.

New signage

We will be repainting, and rebranding the Creek Road facing wall of the Carina Ministry Centre to reflect our new colours and logo. We’re still working on a timeframe for this.



You will also notice new connect banners, kids banners, and connect shirts around the place mid-late January

We are in the process of designing and ordering new banners and signs for the campuses. You will start to see these roll out late January.

New Website

We are aiming to launch a fresh new website experience to reflect the new brand mid January.

New Staff Emails

Our new staff emails will be [FirstnameLastname]@livingchurch.org.au

We are hoping to have these in place mid January. The current email addresses (@creekroad.org.au) will be redirected until mid year

This is Living – January Series

We would like to invite you to join us over January as we look at four aspects of what it means to be a living church – Living Lord, Living Spirit, Living Church, Living Sacrifice . This will be an important series as we look forward to being a living community, holding out the living word.

Public Launch – 3 February

We would love if you could plan to be at church on this weekend, to celebrate together, everything that has been Creek Road, and look forward to being Living Church.

If you have any questions about the rebrand, please contact the office on 3398 4333

Grow Team Thanks - 2018

What a year! 2018 has been a big year for the Grow Team across Creek Road.  

A year of firsts, including:-

  • Growth Group Leader Training starting, attended by on average 70% of Growth Group Leaders
  • The first ever Growth Group Coaches Weekend Away - planning, praying and learning together
  • Pastoral Care support developed further - with experience growing in the Christian Wholeness Framework and growing relationships with other carers

A year of great ongoing ministry.  Most people, across our church, are meeting regularly in Growth Groups, seeking to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  This is huge.  Everytime we meet, everytime we open the Bible together, everytime we pray for each other we are showing each other what it means to follow Jesus.  We show each other his love and care.  Thank you.

Special thanks must go to some Growth Group Leaders who are finishing up in this role.  They have served tirelessly, with great heart and while it is always a little sad when something comes to an end - it is very good to spend time thanking our brothers and sisters for their ministry.   Changes in Growth Group Leadership happens fairly regularly and is part of life at any church, including our church.  

Let me introduce this wonderful group of people.


Rob and Ruth Storrs have led Growth Groups at our Carina Campus for many years.  As their kids have moved into Youth Growth Groups – they felt it might be time to attend a Growth Group that meets at the same time.   

Rob has led a Mens Growth Group and Ruth a Womens Growth Group.  Their effort and dedication has been long standing and has involved deep pastoral care.  It has been a privilege to have them as Growth Group Leaders.  Both Ruth and Rob are looking forward to being in a group together and having two additional nights at home during the week.

Mick and Kamina Wust are moving to Sydney in 2019 and so, will be taking a break from Growth Group leading.  This will be a different year for the Wusts with Kamina commencing a PhD at Moore Theological College and Mick taking the opportunity to explore some of his favourite pursuits – coffee has been mentioned.

Their City South Growth Group has been a place of learning and nurture and all the members are sad to have share Kamina & Mick with Sydney next year.

Wade Iedema loves Jesus. He has been a Growth Group Leader at our Carina Campus for at least five years – maybe more.

His Growth Group has benefited from his knowledge and experience in telling people about Jesus.  They have also enjoyed his sense of humour.  Wade is looking forward to joining the Mens Growth Group – bringing his unique perspective to that group.

Paul and Hana Berkman lead a Growth Group at our City South Campus.  A group of families with kids doing life together, building their understanding through being in the Bible and caring for each other has been wonderful and they will continue in the new group being led by Nathan and Robyn Campbell.

Paul and Hana will spend this year serving in Music and are thinking about joining a Cross Culture Connect Trip towards the middle of 2019.

Please join me in thanking these people when you see them.  And thanking God for brothers and sisters who serve in this unique ministry.

A Post for Parents - Three Reasons You shouldn’t Call Your Teenager a Tech Addict

Do you feel your teenager is a tech addict? Here are some things to think and talk through with them.


Something to chat about over down time at Christmas.

Catch you all next year for some more posts for parents.

Prayer Points - 11/12/2018

  • Praise God for the Got Questions series, while it was challenging and made us vulnerable, we also learnt and were empowered to be able to respond to difficult questions that we have with the people we meet in a loving and wise way and always bringing in the gospel.
  • Praise God for all the new people that came to all the campuses. We saw more newcomers come this term than in the other three terms in this year put together. 
  • Pray that the new people we saw walking in to our campuses this term would return for Christmas and join our church family. 
  • Pray for the Preaching Team as they sit down in January to look at the next several years in what topics to use for each term that God would inspire their thoughts and give them ongoing wisdom in that area to choose topics that build, challenge and encourage our church family and attract new people to hear about the good news. 
  • Pray for God to bless Carols and Christmas services that everything will flow smoothly production wise and that we get a lot of new people hearing the gospel. 
  • Pray for next year as the ministries (kids, youth, music, growth groups) go through the "Jenga" shuffle, that there will be enough 'workers for the field' because the harvest is plentiful. 

The Best of Grow Dailys for the Holidays

Hello Church Family,

Over the Holidays we have moved to using Grow Dailys from previous series to allow our writers to have a bit of a break. This will happen again over the Summer Holidays so from Friday the 14th of December through to Thursday the 31st of January we will be posting the best of Grow Dailys. Some of these will include Christmas Grow Dailys, in the week leading up to Christmas, as well as some Grow Dailys from the series we did in the gospel of John called The Spirit of Jesus. We hope and pray that Grow Daily will continue to be helpful to you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team of writers who have worked hard this year to produce some wonderful Grow Dailys. Thank you team for helping us all to connect with the passages and series each week, we really appreciate all the time and effort you put into each Grow Daily.

If you have any questions about Grow Daily please feel free to contact us on gd@creekroad.org.au.


Emily Andrews