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New Blog - Slavery is not someone else's problem: it's mine, it's yours, it's ours

We often write blog posts that are designed to provoke thoughtful reflection on things going on in the world. We write these to help people view the world we live in, in light of what Jesus has done in dying and rising again. We post these on our blog and we post them on social media, to make it easier for you to reflect on current events, but also so you can easily share with your social networks.

This piece reflects on problem of slavery around the upcoming Commonwealth Games, our series "What the Church Gets Wrong but Jesus Makes Right", and our association with the Freedom Hub. It looks at our part in modern slaver and why we can't sit back and ignore the problem.

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Baptism before John the Baptist?

I hope you are enjoying learning from Luke’s Gospel in your Growth Group. A couple of different Groups have contacted the Preaching Team with the question, ‘Was there baptism before John the Baptist?’ Here are some thoughts…

Baptism has a significant history prior to John. Way back in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus, the priests were commanded to perform a symbolic cleansing in water before and after performing their priestly duties:

“He is to put on the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments next to his body; he is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turban. These are sacred garments; so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on.” – Leviticus 16:4

Further, for centuries prior to John, Jews practiced baptism as a traditional act of purification for God-fearing Gentiles (non-Jews) who wanted to convert to Judaism.

In this we can see how significant John’s Baptism was… WHO he baptised: he baptised not just Gentiles but Jews also – reminding them that physical descent from Abraham wasn’t their salvation… WHERE he baptised: not at the temple but in the wilderness/Jordan River – announcing a new Exodus and a new temple builder, the Messiah… WHAT his baptism foreshadowed: the real washing clean of lives, not just symbolically but actually, not just of bodies but of hearts. Pointing to JESUS.    

John answered them all, “I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” – Luke 3:16

Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. – Romans 6:3-4

Steve Cree
Senior Pastor

Friday Connect - Exciting Growth

Friday Connect had a take two last Friday, and it was exciting to see the growth happening already.

Kids Connect was HUGE. Last time there were 28 kids, but this time it almost doubled in numbers to 49 kids running around having a ball, and loving hearing about Jesus.

The Friday Connect meal was another great success with meals served up to 114 people.

Youth Connect was a little down on numbers, yet had 8 new youth turn up to have a great time while being challenged to come home to Jesus.

Please keep praying for Friday Connect. Pray that it will truly help kids, youth & families connect with Jesus and with us as a church. And please feel free to pop in for a cheap Friday meal and be part of great community that happens each Friday it is on. The next one is on March 2.

New Blog - God's Opening Ceremony

We often write blog posts that are designed to provoke thoughtful reflection on things going on in the world. We write these to help people view the world we live in, in light of what Jesus has done in dying and rising again. We post these on our blog and we post them on social media, to make it easier for you to reflect on current events, but also so you can easily share with your social networks.

During the week Steve Cree wrote this piece reflecting on the show of 'unity' displayed in the North and South Korean Winter Olympics teams marching together. 

But while there is question about the motivation behind this action, there is one place where we will find true unity.

Read it on the Creek Road Blog

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Creek Road Prayer Term 1 week 5 2018

  • Give thanks for the call to repentance by John the Baptist we heard in in Luke’s Gospel – pray that Sunday by Sunday we would be ready to hear and be challenged by God’s Word as we follow Jesus together.
  • Give thanks for Friday Connect at Carina – for increased numbers with 49 kids attending, more parents hanging around, 114 meals served, great friendly vibe, and for 7 newcomers among the youth who gathered later in the evening – pray that they will connect well.
  • Pray for our youth ministry across all three campuses – especially as both Springfield and South Bank kick off the year.
  • Give thanks for the Growth Group Coaches weekend – giving thanks for the commitment of these Coaches to be there – and all they do to support our many Growth Group Leaders. Give thanks for the hard work done and the deepening of relationships as a team. Pray for strengthening of our Growth Group ministry across our campuses.
  • Give thanks for people showing an interest in Christianity at our Springfield Campus and for Jevere sharing with some of our team his testimony of recently turning to Jesus.
  • Give thanks for several newcomers at South Bank on Sunday – and that many people stayed around enjoying time together as a community. Give thanks also for ongoing sorting out of practicalities with the new venue – and for how well it is working for our mission.
  • Give thanks also for several newcomers at Carina – and pray especially for Young Adults as several newcomers join this week.
  • Pray for Uni students arriving in Brisbane and connecting with us at church. Pray that we would be a welcoming home and that this would be a time of truly choosing to follow Jesus and for growing up in the faith.
  • Pray that Sunday will be a special time as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and learn more about Jesus’ mission to destroy the devil and his work – as we continue Luke’s story.   

Are you interested in being Baptised?

It is a joy to have people within our church family who want to publicly acknowledge Jesus in their life or the life of their child.

If you or your child are interested in being baptised we have a Baptism Sunday coming up very soon on March 11th. Please read through the document attached below – Baptism at Creek Road and complete the appropriate form to register your interest in baptism by Friday 2nd March (see links below). We will then contact you for the next steps.

Adult/Youth Baptism Form

Child Baptism Form

The next Baptism Sunday after this one will be June 3rd

If you have any further questions please contact the Church office at office@creekroad.org.au or phone 33984333.

Kristi Hanger

Event Manager

Share A Meal - 25th Feb

Next Sunday 25th Feb will be a Share A Meal Sunday

After the 9am service
 we will have a brunch style meal as well as share in the Lord’s Supper. Kids will be checked out of kids church and directed to their parents in the Hall.

After the 6pm service we will have a light dinner as well as share in the Lord's Supper in the hall.

o   Please bring a dish to share that is already cut/plated to share and drop it into the kitchen before the service. If you are bringing a Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free meal (or any other special diet meals) can you please clearly label the meal so that it can be put on a separate table. If you want your container or plate to be returned please clearly label it with your full name.


Both Springfield & South Bank will have their regular after church meal and will add Lord's Supper to it this week.


Kristi Hanger

Event Manager

Creek Road Prayer Term 1 Week 4 2018

  • Give thanks for the testimony to Jesus of Simeon and Anna, and for their outpouring of joy at the privilege of seeing the fulfilment of God’s promises to his people in the incarnation of God himself as a baby. Give thanks also for the privilege we have of knowing Jesus by his Spirit, and ask that the wonder of this truth would never cease to amaze us.
  • Give thanks for Davo and Megan Gunning, and Ben and Bron Harvey and their families, as they commence their ministries in Adelaide. Please pray for them all as they settle in to a new life and the adjustments involved.
  • Give thanks for the unity, genuine teamwork and enthusiasm of the Adelaide Presbytery and their desire to see God’s Kingdom grow. Pray for all those who will be impacted by changes ahead, that they will be able to embrace change for the sake of the Gospel, even if it may come at a cost to them personally.
  • Give thanks for the first year of Rose City Presbyterian church in Warwick. Pray that the roots which have been established would grow and develop into strong new life. Give thanks for the beginning of a youth meeting, with 9 young people meeting this past weekend.
  • Give thanks for the Youth Camp last weekend, that there were lots of good conversations sparked by spending time in God’s word. Give thanks for the time spent together connecting with each other. Give thanks for the food and music teams who helped facilitate these times.
  • Pray for changes to the format of youth across all 3 of our Brisbane campuses, that they would be well received and be beneficial for the groups.
  • Give thanks for the new venue for South Bank, and for newcomers to Brisbane who are making South Bank their home church. Pray that many more would be added to their numbers.
  • Give thanks for God’s work at Springfield – for the encouragement of having new people connect with them, and for the encouragement of seeing God at work bringing people to know Him for the first time.
  • Give thanks for the beginning of Conversation Club, and for those who came the first week. Pray that others who have expressed interest in coming along would join them, and that the word would spread and many others would come. Pray that God would use this ministry to reach people with the good news of Jesus.
  • Pray for the Growth Group Coaches’ weekend away this weekend, that they would be strengthened and encouraged as a team.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity Dave and Kathy Thurston had to spend time with Dave and Megan, and Ben and Bron in Adelaide last week. Give thanks for new people from a diversity of backgrounds who are coming in to Church2Church for support.
  • Pray for Dave and Kathy as they start many new and significant mentoring relationships – for ongoing wisdom and strength for their work.
  • Give thanks for financial support coming in for Church2Church, and pray that it would continue to grow.
  • Please continue to pray for all those impacted by the accident last weekend at the Textors’ place. Pray for ongoing healing for Matt, who was injured. Pray that God would be at work in the lives of those affected.
  • Pray that God’s Spirit would be at work in us all – leading us to repentance so that we hear and respond to the good news of Jesus

Celebrating Gospel Ministry in Adelaide

Last week and weekend Dave and Kathy Thurston and Phil Strong were in Adelaide to celebrate a fresh start for Adelaide Presbyterian Church. On Saturday, Davo Gunning was ordained and commissioned as the new Lead Pastor. On the same day, the Presbytery appointed Ben Harvey as a new pastor with the Adelaide team. Ben starts next Monday and will work closely with Damien Carson in the northern suburbs. Members of the Adelaide church community were very encouraged by the weekend, with many seeing the arrival of the Davo and Megan Gunning and Ben and Bronwyn Harvey as a tangible expression of the ministry plan for Adelaide becoming a reality.

God is doing something great in Adelaide! In a few short weeks, the team has grown from one permanent appointed pastor to three permanent appointed pastors. It has changed from being six churches struggling to survive on their own, to one church in six locations with a clear vision to Reach the City, and Reach the World with the gospel of Jesus. The Elders agreed on the weekend that the ministry of the six congregations will come under the one banner of Adelaide Presbyterian Church. These leaders in Adelaide have a strong desire to see the vision to reach the city of Adelaide with the gospel to become a reality in which they and the people can participate. We give thanks for these Elders who God has brought to Adelaide with a vision that matches that of the new ministry team.

The arrival of the Gunning’s and Harvey’s also allows Damien Carson to take long service leave later this year. We rejoice with Damien and Kelly in thankfulness for their many years of service in Adelaide. Now they can take this well-deserved leave knowing that the new Adelaide ministry team will continue to carry the ministry forward, whilst they are refreshed and made ready for their part in a new season of team ministry in Adelaide.

We also rejoice in the generous support this Adelaide vision is receiving from around Australia, especially from the three Presbyterian state organisations of Qld, Vic and NSW. Only in the last couple of weeks, we also heard that our denomination’s national finance committee dedicated an additional $120K to church revitalisation in South Australia. Praise God for the tangible way many people are catching the vision for what’s happening in Adelaide!

Over the last week in Adelaide, Dave and Kathy Thurston had really fruitful meetings to launch the mentoring, coaching and resourcing ministry that Church2Church is providing in 2018 and beyond. The launching of Church2Church at the same time as the new Adelaide ministry team is being launched is something to celebrate and thank God for. The support of Church2Church is key to making the Adelaide vision to Reach the City, and Reach the World with the gospel of Jesus a reality. Instead of a team being ‘parachuted in’ and left to work it out by themselves, the new team is starting as a well-supported and resourced team. This is great for Adelaide, and a model for how church planting and revitalisation can be resourced elsewhere through Church2Church. Praise God for what he is doing in Adelaide through the team he is gathering! Praise God for the Church2Church mentoring, coaching and resourcing that is backing the Adelaide Team!

(Prepared by Davo Gunning and Phil Strong)

Creek Road Prayer Term 1 week 3 2018

  • Give thanks that Luke’s story of Jesus causes people to burst into song.
  • Give thanks for the songs we sing at Creek Road and for the deep ministry of the Word that happens in our hearts and overflows to our lives through these gospel songs.
  • Pray for our music teams – giving thanks for them – as they lead us in this valuable ministry.
  • Give thanks that our South Bank Campus has just celebrated its 4th Birthday!
  • Give thanks for the first night of Friday Connect at Carina: thanks that everything went well; that there were good numbers; for leaders willing to serve; & for our fantastic food team. Pray that more kids and families would join with us as the readiness of the team grows in coming weeks and months.
  • Give thanks for our gardening and maintenance teams who work so hard behind the scenes so that our grounds and buildings can be ready and welcoming for all our gospel ministry.
  • Give thanks that across our Campuses we are welcoming newcomers who are deciding to make a home with our church family at Creek Road.
  • Pray for another round of Connect Lunches and Dinners happening across our Campuses this week – that we will be clear about the gospel and genuinely welcoming in our conversations.
  • Give thanks for the work of our Growth Group Coaches in the many things they do to support our Growth Group Leaders – and in facilitating our Connect-Grow-Serve pathway, through placing newcomers into Growth Groups.
  • Give thanks for our Grow Daily Writing Team – especially giving thanks for the Training session last Saturday morning, where the Team learnt about ‘How to Read the Old Testament’. Give thanks for the diversity of people across our Campuses who help us read and reflect on God’s Word each day.  
  • Thanks for the generous donations which have allowed us to buy much needed Bibles for South Bank especially… pray that we might all grow our regular giving so that we can meet the many other needs to grow our ministries.
  • Pray for Conversation Club as it kicks off this week at Lifeplace (where our South Bank Campus now meets).
  • Pray for our Youth Camp as it happens over the coming weekend – for safety for all and for good growth in the gospel of Jesus.
  • Pray for our ‘Serve Supercharge’ at Carina (and coming soon at South Bank and Springfield) – that we would all be praying about Next Steps we can take to step forward in the footsteps of Jesus as servants.
  • Pray that God’s Spirit would be at work in us all – and those who join with us this Sunday – as we hear heaven’s song joining with earth’s in praise of Jesus!
Creek Road Presbyterian Church
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