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Day Five Kids Community Connect Update

Thanks for your prayer support over this week. We are thankful to God for the many ways we have seen him at work in the lives of the kids we serve and the team we serve alongside.

Today the leaders heard about the fifth lost truth, rediscovered by Sleuther – that glory is to be given to God alone.

The kids today heard the true story from Luke’s gospel of Zacchaeus. We heard about Jesus’ love and forgiveness towards the selfish Zacchaeus, and how Zacchaeus responded to Jesus by turning his life around, trusting in and following Jesus instead of serving himself.


Please join with us in prayerful thanks for many things this week, including:-

  • Families who have come for the first time – for some, after several years of being invited by their friends at church
  • Seeing those “lightbulb moments” in kids’ eyes during discussion times, as they make connections and understand more about God and his world for the first time – mindblowing concepts such as eternity, heaven, forgiveness – all made real by the work of God’s spirit in kids’ hearts.
  • All those helping towards the work of the week (more than a hundred people have been helping out in some capacity!), including those from our wider church community coming in on the weekend to set up for church on Sunday, those who have donated food and time, and lots more behind the scenes support.
  • Great conversations with families from outside our church community as they drop their kids off to the programme
  • The privilege of seeing kids who have been to the programme as attenders now growing into junior leaders and not-so-junior leaders
  • The way God has kept the kids safe throughout the week.


Please pray for the kids and team as we head off from the programme:-

  • That the kids would remember what they have learned this week and be hungry to learn more and eager to follow Jesus
  • That the kids and team would remember the ways they have been challenged, convicted, and have grown this week, and that God would continue his great work in all our lives, bringing us to greater maturity in Christ
  • For Sunday’s celebration, as we look again at our memory verse and at all that we have been learning – that “Jesus came to seek and save the lost” Luke 19:10. Please pray that families would come on Sunday and hear and respond to Jesus

Thank you again for supporting us all in prayer this week!

Ros Cree and the Kids Community Connect Team

Day Four Kids Community Connect Update

Thank you for following the story of our kids community connect programme this week, and for joining the team by praying for us.

We’ve been so encouraged to see God at work in the lives of the kids who are coming along, and the way he has helped the team to work together so well – it’s been a great, practical picture of the Christ’s body at work, as each person uses their own abilities in service of each other.

The leaders have continued to hear about the lost truths uncovered 501 years ago by Sleuther. Today we were reminded that there is only one way to God – through Christ alone.

Each day our kids’ stories have been presented differently and powerfully. So far, we’ve had a video, a dance drama and storytelling with drawing. Today’s story was presented in rap form, and portrayed the emotions of its characters amazingly well as we continued Jesus’ story of the father with two sons. We heard how the older son was angry when his brother was welcomed home and forgiven after having rejected his family so badly.

The father challenged the older son to remember how much he loves both his sons, and called the older son to be gracious enough to truly rejoice that his brother had come home. What a great reminder that we are all in need of God’s forgiveness – sometimes we don’t know just how lost we really are!

Please continue to pray for us as Friday approaches:-

  • That we would have a great last day of the week’s programme, and finish well!
  • That kids and their families would make it a priority to be at Sunday’s service, with hearts ready to hear God’s word
  • That after the programme finishes, kids would continue to think about the things they have learned
  • That God would continue to give leaders wisdom as they answer the kids’ questions.
  • That God would help the kids to understand what they hear, and how it applies to them.
  • That kids would be challenged to respond to Jesus by following him.


Thank you!

Ros Cree

Registrations are open for the Japan Dinner - Thursday 2 August 2018

You can now register to join us by clicking here

More details are provided in the link, but if you have any questions, please email andreapryde@creekroad.org.au or call the Office 3398 4333

Day Three Kids Community Connect Update

Thanks again for your prayer for us this week at Kids Community Connect. We are very conscious of our need for prayer, and thankful that we are seeing God at work in the lives of the kids (and their families) who are coming along.

This morning the leaders were reminded of the once-lost truth, rediscovered by our ally Sleuther, that salvation comes through faith in Christ alone.

The kids heard the first part of Jesus’ story of the father and two sons. We heard about the younger son, who rejected his father and went his own way. We heard about how we all reject our father God in our own lives, but amazingly will be welcomed home when we return, because of God’s son Jesus. What a great truth!

Today went really well again, which we are very thankful for. The kids remain very engaged and attentive during story time and discussion times, and continue to enjoy new elective activities (including craft, dance, sport, games, jumping castle).

Please continue to be praying for the week,

  • giving thanks for the stories we are hearing each day of kids looking out for and after each other in practical ways.
  • giving thanks that there continues to be good engagement from the kids, who are listening well and able to demonstrate that they are learning well an understanding the lessons.
  • giving thanks that our leaders are showing maturity, flexibility and wisdom as they teach, responding well to the needs of their groups
  • giving thanks for the opportunity we have to reach kids with the good news of Jesus, especially some who come to us from challenging home situations
  • that as the week goes on, kids and leaders would be able to cope with increasing fatigue. Please pray they would be able to be well rested and refreshed when they return each day. Please pray for ongoing patience and enthusiasm as the week goes on
  • that we would continue to care well for the kids, acknowledging the privilege it is that parents entrust their kids to our care. Please pray for ongoing safety at the programmes.
  • for good peer relationships between the kids – especially that kids who are not yet part of our church community would feel they have made some new friends here.
  • that good relationships would continue to develop between the leaders and the kids in their groups.
  • that kids and their families would become a part of our church family as a result of their involvement in Kids Community Connect.
  • that the kids currently in grade 6  would make the transition to youth next year
  • for our celebration service on Sunday – that many new families would come along to see what their kids have been doing during the week, and would hear the good news about Jesus clearly proclaimed.

Thanks once again for being an important part of the team as you pray for us during this week.

Ros Cree

Day Two Kids Community Connect Update

Thanks again for your ongoing prayer support for the Kids Community Connect programme this week.

In today’s morning devotions, the leaders were reminded of the great truth that we are saved by grace alone – we bring nothing in our hands when we come to God, but cling only to the cross of Jesus.

The kids’ teaching today was on the story of the lost coin from Luke’s gospel. We heard how we are like the coin that wasn’t where it should be, until we come in to relationship with God. We heard just how much God loves us and wants us to be with him – even sending Jesus to die in our place so that we can be where we’re meant to be – with God!

Much fun was had again today with games, drama, laughter, slime-making, cooking, craft, dancing and singing.

There were some great questions and discussions in small groups.  Some who were reticent to join in with discussions yesterday were much more engaged in the small groups today. Many kids were even happy to join in prayer time, which was really encouraging.

We’ve been getting really positive feedback from parents, and from kids (one child was already getting sad about the fact that the week would have to end). Many families not previously involved in church life here are talking about coming along, which is wonderful.

Please continue to prayer for us this week –  we are very aware that this is God’s work and mission, not ours!

Could you please pray:-

  • For ongoing smooth running of the pragmatics of the programme
  • For ongoing diligence of the whole team in making sure the kids under our care are safe and happy
  • Deepening friendships amongst the kids
  • Deepening understanding and response from the kids to the good news of God’s love for us shown in Jesus
  • Ongoing energy, strength and enthusiasm for the team as the week goes on

Ros Cree

Day One - Kids Community Connect Update

Thanks for being part of the Kids Community Connect Team by joining with us in praying for the week.

Today has been a great start to the Kids Community Connect week at our Carina campus. After a challenging start for our sign-on team who saved the day with some quick thinking when the internet was down, the rest of the day went really smoothly.

We have been excited to have so many kids and families join us from our wider community – including one little girl who has waited a year since first hearing about the programme, and is very excited to finally be here!

Our leaders are starting each day with some teaching input from Sleuther, as they discover some truths which seemed to have been lost leading up to the Reformation.

The Bible teaching for the kids this week is on the “lost” stories from Luke’s gospel. Today we looked at the story of the lost sheep, and learned that God loves everyone, no matter how far we may have wandered away from him.

What great lengths God goes to in order to seek and save the lost!

There was lots of fun with games, electives, tournaments, drama, dancing and singing. The kids settled in really well and were very engaged with the upfront teaching time and with discussions and activities in their smaller groups.

Please continue to pray as the week unfolds, for

  • Good friendships developing among the kids involved. Please pray that new kids and shy kids would feel welcomed by their peers and settle in very quickly among everyone.
  • That the kids’ enthusiasm in group discussion times would continue and grow as the week goes on. Please pray that kids would continue to ask their questions about God, and that these would lead them to want to follow Jesus themselves.
  • Ongoing wisdom for our leaders as they answer tricky questions, and for ongoing energy and enthusiasm and love for the kids they are caring for. Please pray especially for all our wonderful first – time leaders.
  •  The pragmatics of the week, such as sign in procedures, smooth running of our many elective activities, and for ongoing safety for all involved.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Ros Cree  

Kids Community Connect Celebration Service 9am Sunday

Sunday 9am we have our Kids Community Connect Celebration Service.
A great way to see what the kids did during the week, we are expecting many families from the community to come. After the service we will have a free brunch with a sausage sizzle and some yummy warm soup. Come along, meet families and enjoy seeing what has happened during the week.
HELPERS NEEDED: To make the brunch possible we need 7 Volunteers to help with the set up, cooking, serving and pack up from 7am. If you can help please contact me on kristihanger@creekroad.org.au or 0407416184. Thanks!

Kids Community Connect Prayer Support

Hi Everyone, Kids Community Connect is fast approaching - only two sleeps away!
Please be praying this weekend for all our leaders and organizers as they tackle their last minute preparations and responsibilities to help things run as smoothly as possible from the very start of next week.
Please also be praying for the kids who are planning to come, and for their families, that they would have hearts ready to discover the good news about Jesus and what it means for them.
Please be praying for good health and safety for the kids and leaders over the week.
Please also ask God to be preparing all of our team so that we might be ready to serve with hearts and minds focused on the mission of the week, working well together as a team truly united by God's Spirit in proclaiming and living out the truth of His love shown to us in Jesus.
I'll be posting daily updates here and on the Creek Road Carina Community facebook page, to let you know what's been happening each day, and how you might be able to join in the mission by praying for us as the week unfolds.
Thank you!

Creek Road School Holiday Prayer Points

  • “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3) Pray that we will appreciate what that means and live it out.
  • In response to last Sunday’s Bible teaching from Acts 2, pray that as a community of believers we will devote ourselves to Jesus and to one another and that the Lord will continually add to our number.
  • Pray for our ongoing witness to friends and family that do not follow Jesus. Pray that we will be faithful in prayer for them and not waiver in our trust in God’s power to save.
  • Continue to pray for the 130+ children who will be coming to the Carina campus next week for Kids Community Connect and the many leaders who will be serving them. Pray for fun, safety and the clear and effective communication of Jesus’ rescue plan.
  • Pray for the South Bank campus and for Nathan and Robyn while they are on holidays and for the Springfield campus and for Josiah and Bloss while they are on holidays.   
  • Pray for Kristian O’Dempsey as he undergoes further surgery this week. Pray that he will know God’s presence and peace especially at this time and for a successful procedure and a swift and straight forward recovery.

Manders Visit in August

Save the dates! Early next term our Cross Culture Connect Partners Steve and Saeko Manders will be visiting us at Creek Road to share about what God is doing through their ministry in Japan and how we can be partners in the same mission - both in Japan and here in Brisbane. More details to come soon!

Creek Road Presbyterian Church
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