So many people, in many different ministry teams, serve across our 3 campuses each week.

No-one serves to be thanked – but we do seek to be a thankful church.

Thanks to the team of people who gave the Serve Lounge at the Carina Ministry Centre the once over this week.  It’s looking mighty fine.  Thanks for your efforts.

Thanks too for the help in putting together the Newcomers Welcome Bags for Josiah Wilson's ordination tis Sunday - while it is yet to be completed-we have a committed worker.  Thanks for making yourself available.

Are you keen to serve?

Kids Connect, Carina

4 Friday afternoons a term, a team of people come together to create fun for kids.  Fun so they can relax at the end of the school week, fun so they can connect into Creek Road and most importantly fun so they can meet Jesus.  The Kids Connect Team is a great group of people and they are looking for some people who can fill some support roles.  The program kicks off at 4pm & finishes at about 5.30pm.

Afternoon Tea

Kids get hungry and we are looking for a couple of people who are able to cut up, share out and hand out the afternoon tea each fortnight.  Food is purchased and so preparation, distribution and cleaning are what is required.

Welcoming & Admin

As with any ministry – a certain amount of paper/computer work is generated.  Kids Connect is keen to find someone who can come along each fortnight and support the team by looking after the administrative aspects of this ministry.  Parents appreciate our dedication in this area as they see this as our church caring for their kids.  It’s also a great opportunity to bring a warm smile and welcome as the families walk through the door.  If detail is your passion – this might be the serve opportunity for you.


The Kids Connect Team finishes their program at 5.30pm. They sometimes chat with parents and they make time to tidy up.  By the time this is all done, it is well & truly time for dinner.  The Kids Connect Team so appreciate the opportunity to de-brief over a simple meal.  If you enjoy cooking and are able to deliver a meal to feed a team of about 15 people, to the Carina Ministry Centre, each fortnight – the Kids Connect Team would be delighted to have you join them.  Meals are paid for by the Team. 

All these positions are within Kids Ministry, if you join the Team you will need a valid Bluecard and completion of Childsafe is required – but don’t let that deter you – we can help you through those processes.

For more information on these Serve Opportunities, contact the Serve Team

If all of this has made you think of some kids who might enjoy Kids Connect – check out some more detail

Hospitality Team – 9am Service @ Carina

We have a number of people who have joined our Morning Tea Team.  Thanks so much for your willingness to help people meet people each week over a cup of tea. 

We still have a couple of spots open for people who can help set up, serve & clean up morning tea.  With the Team that has formed over the last couple of weeks, we are now looking for 2 of 3 people who can be rostered on once a month (with the occasional fill-in).

If you can see yourself serving in this ministry team – please contact the Serve Team via email

Prayer @ Creek Road

 “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:16

Prayer Points

  • Praise – Praise the Lord all you nations; extol him, all you peoples.  For great is his love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
  • Giving. – Thank you Lord for the money that is given week by week to enable ministry at Creek Road.  Pray for wisdom and skill as the leadership manage the task of balancing the regularity of payments with the ebbs and flows of giving,
  • Josiah Wilson’s Ordination.  Thank you Lord that we as a whole church, can join to celebrate Josiah’s ordination that will take place this Sunday.  Praise that both Josiah and Bloss love Jesus, love his church at Springfield and because of this, they dedicate themselves to serving him.  Pray particularly for the visitors and newcomers that will join us at Springfield this Sunday for the Ordination Service – that they may feel very welcome.
  • Newcomers.  Thank you that each week – across all our campuses, newcomers are joining us.  Thank you for those of us who invite our family and our work colleagues.  Thank you for those who welcome newcomers with a friendly chat or a cup of coffee.  Thank you too for those who serve in the Connect Teams,
  • Servant Hearts.  Thanks for the people who are stepping up to serve.  Thanks for the guys who upgrade the lighting system at Carina, thanks for the new Growth Group Coaches at South Bank, thanks for the people who are tidying the Carina Serve Lounge, thanks for the people with skills in photography at South Bank which allow all of us to share in their Sunday.  Thanks that there is a part we can all play,
  • Community.  Thanks for the great Dinner, hosted for newcomers from Carina, to get to know their Growth Group and others at our church a little better.  Thanks that Springfield people had a fun day at the beach – building relationships and pointing each other to Jesus,
  • Adelaide.  Thanks for the ongoing opportunities to build relationships with churches in Adelaide.  Pray for “soft hearts” in Adelaide that the church may flourish and that Creek Road may play our part in this wider mission field,
  • Encouragement.  Pray for Steve & Saeko Manders, Cross Cultural Connect Partners in Japan.  The Manders are working in northern Japan alongside two very small churches.  Pray for these Japanese brothers and sisters who love Jesus and seek to serve him.  Help us to remember the lessons learnt in China and Iran.  That when it looked like the church was small and may not survive in those countries – God moved and now many, many people know and love Jesus.  Help us to trust that the same may happen in Japan.
  • Thanks for the Elvanto Roll Out.  Thanks, that, even at this early stage, Elvanto is delivering and helping us to do ministry.  Thanks for the team who keep designing and implementing and thanks that Creek Road people are working hard to change from The City to Elvanto,
  • Playtime.  Thanks for the relationships that are built each week at Playtime at Carina.  Pray for the parents that lead this ministry each week and for opportunities to invite people to come along to Playtime and to church,
  • The Gathering.  Youth from all over the south-east of Queensland come together at the Carina Ministry Centre to sing, laugh, listen, talk, play, and pray for our friends to come to know the only one who can save.

Talk 4 | An Epic Battle (The temptation of Jesus) | God With Us

Unlike other ‘heroes’ Jesus resists the temptation of temporary rewards that are offered by turning to the dark side, and instead invites us into the eternal life of the light.
Where are you tempted to embrace the dark side — to believe it offers something better than the light?
“Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only." - Matt 4:10


Elvanto Help Videos

We are building a library of help videos for Elvanto. Two are ready for viewing now. More added over the next few weeks. Please find them here..


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