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Kids Community Connect 2018 - Join The Team

Are you keen to join the team for Kids Community Connect 2018? We have an action packed kids program getting planned for July 9-13 at Carina with a theme of Sleuth Squad. We will be looking at a bunch of "lost" stories and encouraging kids and families to be found by coming home to Jesus. It is always a privilege to be part of such a great opportunity to reach our city for Jesus.
As always we will need a team willing to serve in all sorts of roles such as:
  • small group leading
  • morning tea prep
  • running games
  • admin
  • up front
  • support
  • breakfast prep
  • check in/out
  • first aid
  • drama
  • prayer
  • sound, data, lights
Are you are willing to serve in any way? If so please click on the following link and fill out the form. Someone will follow you up to chat more about your role from there.

Creek Road Prayer Term 2 Week 1

  • Give thanks that Jesus is King of our world even if the world does not acknowledge that fact and He is working out His purposes for our world and our lives. As we saw in Revelation 4-5 last Sunday, King Jesus is worthy of glory because he made us and died to win victory for us.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity a group of leaders and youth had to experience what God is doing in outback Queensland. The Woorabinda Mission trip gave them the opportunity to see and hear the personal stories of our indigenous brothers and sisters. Pray that God will guard and grow the Christian community there so they will continue to be a witness for Jesus.
  • Pray for our Ministry Dinner tonight that we can be thankful for what God is doing in the personal lives of our members as we welcome new members into our church family.
  • Pray for the Church2Church team as they meet on Monday to plan for Q2. On the back of Q1 set up pray that they might have wisdom and unity about what their priorities should be in Q2.
  • With kids and youth activities getting started this Sunday, pray for our kids and youth leaders as they finalise preparations and for kids and youth as they commit to growing in love for Jesus this term. Pray particularly for new people to help with the kids church teams at Southbank and Springfield.
  • This week we begin our new series in 1 Samuel “Waiting for the True King”. As we meet Samuel’s mother, Hannah, pray that God will give us a heart like Hannah.

Singing at Creek Road - a little change

Ever wondered why we sing at Creek Road? Believers sing because the peace of Christ rules our hearts. Singing happens when the word of Christ dwells among us richly. When we hear, digest, and respond to the gospel, the natural response is singing together. That's what we see in Colossians 3:15-17. But we see that pattern right through the Bible: God saves his people, then his people respond by singing. The chorus of the song 'This is Amazing Grace' that captures it well:
This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That you would take my place
That you would bear my cross
You would lay down your life
That I would be set free
Jesus I sing for all that you've done for me
We sing because of all God does for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus. (We also sing to teach and admonish one another - but I'll save that for another day!) We sing because of the gospel.
On that note, we're trying something new this term. We usually sing 3 songs at the start of the service, then 1 in the middle, and then 1 final song after the talk. Instead, this term we'll be singing 2 songs at the start, 1 song in the middle, and then 2 songs after the talk. It's the same amount of songs, just 1 less at the start and 1 more at the end. The idea is we'll have more opportunity to respond to God's word in song. Enjoy.
Peter Yock
Music Pastor

Woorabinda Cross-Cultural Exposure Trip

Destination ‘Woorie’

Thursday 5 April

6am wake up! Roused the troops, headed straight to Carina church campus loaded all our bags into the trailer and packed the ute with foodstuffs/ sports equipment/ bedding / kitchen utensils/ bibles / backpacks…and ”Chris Pines” and we’re on the road.




Done the obligatory Macca’s brekky stop…

Belly’s full, playlists queued, we started our journey to Woorabinda. The organisers this year wanted to make sure that we were mixing with one another throughout our journey getting to know each other so at every stop it was ‘Vehicular Musical Chairs’ where we moved around sitting next to different people between the 2 cars. It was great as we got to know people we wouldn’t normally know. It was the beginning of new and close friendships that would be forged over the next 4 days whilst serving Jesus together.