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Creek Road Prayer Term 3 Week 10

As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.

(Luke 9:51)

  • Give thanks to God that Jesus set his mind on fulfilling the purpose for which he came to earth, not being distracted or deterred.  Pray that we will set our sights on serving him and not be distracted or deterred.
  • Give thanks for what we have learned from Luke’s gospel this term.
  • Give thanks for the gospel opportunities God gives us each week with neighbours, friends, visitors to church and those we meet in our community. Pray that God will use those conversations to draw people to himself.
  • Pray for the camps being held in the coming school holidays: Fun and Adventure, Outbreak and Gents; particularly for children and leaders from our church who will be attending.
  • Continue to pray for those we have invited to the Term 3 Bible Talk Series, Got Questions and for the Bible talk writers, preachers, Kids Spot writers and presenters, kids church leaders, youth leaders, young adult leaders and Growth Group leaders, that all we do will be to the glory of our wonderful God.

Sunday Afternoon Chats?

Do you have some time on Sunday afternoons?  There is a Team of Creek Road people who lead a short worship service with residents, family & staff at Vela at Carina.  If you would like to find out more about this Serve Opportunity please chat with the people on the Next Steps Day, or contact us via office@creekroad.org.au or 3398 4333

Invitation to Church2Church Supporters Dinner

The Church2Church Team would like to invite you, our biggest supporters, to join us for the first Church2Church Supporters Dinner. Please come along to hear what has been happening in our first year including some stories from churches within our network. This is a great way to hear how you can support Church2Church in the future as well as meet some of the people from our associate and partner churches who are attending the Church2Church conference over the weekend.

The Dinner will be held on Friday 2nd of November 2018 from 6.30pm. For more information please head to:http://church2church.org.au/church2church-supporters-dinner/

Is Proof Reading your thing?

Checking what we write for errors is a good idea.  The Grow Daily Writing Team is looking to expand the group of people who proof read.  If you would like to find out more about this Serve Opportunity - have a chat with the people at the Next Steps Desk or contact the Serve Team via office@creekroad.org.au or 3398 4333

A Post For Parents -

If you get our Grow Daily devotionals you may have seen some from time to time written by Geoff & Maddie Pryde. What you may not know is that Geoff is the dad of Maddie. It is a dad & his daughter working together to write a Grow Daily.

This is a wonderful picture of a dad helping his daughter dig deep into God's word. As parents this is something we are called to. To help our kids grow a love for God and his word. And I personally love the way Geoff does that with Maddie in a way that blesses the rest of us with hearing both their voices expand on what God is saying in the Bible.

Now we may not be up for writing a Grow Daily together with our kids (although if you are keen definitely let us know), but we all need to be asking - how are we helping our kids grow in their love for God's word? How do we read the Bible together with our kids? How do we pray together in response to what we are reading? Geoff & Maddie's story is just one way. Let us all keep finding ways to do this and help our kids grow up to maturity in Christ through a deep commitment to his Word.


Communication Update

At the last Ministry Dinner We told you that come 10 October we would present to you a new communication strategy, and a new name for our church.

We are rapidly approaching October 10, so thought we’d update you where we’re at.

Last Ministry Dinner you told us about your non-Christian friends. You told us what you believe the core of our ministry is, and this was a great help in developing our communication strategy. We used this strategy to think about new name suggestions.

The Ministry Executive Team, campus pastors, and the board have all had a chance to engage with the communication strategy and the name suggestions.

We wrestled quite hard with the suggestions, but one kept rising to the top in response to our communication strategy.

The board signed off on that name at a special board meeting held 2 weeks ago, so we’re on track to release the name to you at the October 10 Ministry Dinner.

It is shaping up to be a great night. Apart from the name reveal, we’ll be hearing about a number of exciting plans for 2019 and beyond, and sharing a great meal together. We’ve organised for child-minding in the hall during the dinner, and if you book before 23 September you’ll get an early bird price of $10 (Use the early bird code on the registration page - $15pp after that).

Register now at http://creekroad.org.au/rsvp

Lord's Supper this Sunday

A reminder that this Sunday at all campuses we will be sharing in the Lord's Supper during the service.


Review: Evangelism in a Skeptical World: How to Make the Unbelievable News about Jesus More Believable by Sam Chan

Evangelism is hard. It feels extra hard in the world we live in where there are all sorts of ideas and behaviours that seem to make belief in the good news of Jesus almost impossible for the people we love. It can be hard to figure out where to begin a conversation with your friends, let alone what to say. Enter Sam Chan’s new book. Sam spent many years as a lecturer at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College teaching people how to preach the good news of Jesus, and he’s now an evangelist with the City Bible Forum (based in Sydney).

This book is something like a ‘textbook’ for evangelists – both those who are professional preachers, and the regular Christian who wants to be better equipped to shape both our lives and our speech when it comes to sharing the Gospel with others.

It’s a book you can dip into for practical tips on writing or sharing your testimony, for how you’d put together a short talk, or for how to answer questions about what we believe (the preaching team is using lots of the insights from this book in our upcoming Got Questions series – it’s the number one resource for that series).

But it’s not just a guide to ‘speaking’; especially not just for professionals, it has whip smart diagnosis of the world we live in and why belief is less plausible, and tips for how we can all work together as Christians to build plausibility for the Gospel in how we shape our communities and re-think the task of evangelism.

The best, most life-changing advice from the book is the suggestion that we should stop thinking about evangelism as the task of sending ‘one schmuck to be the only Christian in a room full of people who don’t believe’ and to start seeing that plausibility comes from the embodied life of believers who show how the Gospel changes everything. Sam talks about ‘merging universes’; having our Christian friends spend time with our non-Christian friends. We might think ‘yeah, that’s what church is’ – and it is, that’s why we make every week of church a good week to bring a friend to hear about Jesus and see our lives on display, but he makes the point that we have to go out into the wider community, to ‘go to their stuff first’, to make the sort of intentional efforts we often make as individuals as groups – maybe that means joining a sports club or community group with a few friends. The next step is not necessarily to invite your friend straight to church (a public gathering), but into your home – Sam talks about how the conversations we have in ‘public space’ have the sort of assumptions we have about public life as Aussies – that religion is a ‘private’ thing, and private space is where people, when they feel safe, will open up to talk about their beliefs. He talks about a sequence of Coffee-Coffee-Dinner being a normal move from public to private places. Maybe this means intentionally catching up with a colleague for coffee with another Christian friend who works nearby, or mixing up the invite list for your next party or dinner so that you’re not just inviting people from one particular circle. 

There’s lots of great thinking packed into the pages of this book – and if books aren’t your thing, Sam has released a series of videos based on each chapter that you can purchase online through Vimeo (your campus pastor has access to these videos too if you want to arrange a screening with a bunch of people).

The best news about this great book is that (perhaps for today only) the ebook is available for $2.99 from Amazon Australia.

Creek Road Prayer Term 3 Week 9

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)

  • Give thanks to God that the Lord Jesus denied himself and took up his cross, not just as a model but for us. Pray that as his disciples, we will imitate him.
  • Give thanks to God for our Kids Spot team who faithfully and creatively teach our children and us each week. Give thanks especially for the younger members of the team who are being trained and taking responsibility to serve us in this way.
  • Give thanks to God for our Young Adults leaders and the important work they do in sharing the message of Jesus, and caring for, those transitioning from school to adult life.
  • Continue to pray for the preparation of plans to be presented at the Ministry Dinner in Term 4.
  • Pray for one another as we continue to BLESS our neighbours and friends.
  • Pray for one another and our visitors this Sunday as we finish our current series in Luke. Pray that we will know and act upon the changes we need to make to show that Jesus is our King.    

Could this be you?

The Connect Team for the 6pm Service at Carina is looking for more members - if you would like to find out more - please talk with someone at the Next Steps Desk this Sunday or contact the Office via office@creekroad.org.au or 3398 4333.


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