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Easter 2019 - Postcard Blitz - Can you help?

As part of the preparation for Easter - we are planning a Postcard Blitz of the areas surrounding our three Campuses.
The postcards will be in the form of an invitation to join us at our Campuses for the Easter services.
All our Campuses are a little different - older, established suburbia around Creek Road, new and establishing suburbia at Springfield and high density, inner city living at West End.
So City South is taking a slightly different approach. In the last couple of days of Term 1 - postcards & Easter Eggs will be handed out at various public transport hubs in West End and South Bank. If you're available and able to help with this approach - please select dates between 3-5 April, 2019. This will start quite early - around 6.30-7am.
For the homes around Creek Road, City South and Springfield - we will take the familiar letter-box drop approach in the week before the Easter week, Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th April, 2019.
We would love for as many of our people to help out with distributing these postcards. If you're available to help please click here to tell us where and when you're able to help.
It would be fun if groups of people were able to go out together - sharing together in this task, so we will try and pull together Teams of people.
If you're able to help, please let us know some details by clicking on this link
Instructions will be provided as the time gets closer - so in the mean time, find your hats, dust off your walking shoes and pray for the people we're inviting - what a joy to open our church home to people who are yet to know Jesus and his great love.
Thanks & don't hesitate to email if you have any questions or ideas at andreapryde@livingchurch.org.au or kristianodempsey@livingchurch.org.au
Andrea Pryde and Kristian O'Dempsey, Connect Grow Serve

Post For Parents - Parenting in God’s Big Family of Faith

At a time when many parents feel isolated and alone, a supportive church community can provide the kind of practical support and encouragement that modern families desperately need.


This article is a great reminder of why we don't do parenting alone - we do it in community. As parents we should celebrate and encourage the opportunities for our kids to have many brothers, sisters, aunties & uncles as part of their church family. How are you looking to foster the relationships with your kids in these areas? In church? In your growth group?

Living Church - Prayer Points - 19/3/2019

  • Dave and Kathy Thurston went to Darwin last weekend to visit our partner church, the Darwin Presbyterian Church and their pastor Richard Riley and his wife Jenny. Thank the Lord for Richard and Jenny and pray for them that they would be given wisdom in how to use their time and energy. Praise God for the people who have prepared the ground for the work and pray for the church that they could work together as one body as there is a lot of work to be done there and we are all part of it!
  • The Growth Group coaches were away for a weekend of training, planning, problem solving and sharing. The weekend was lovely and we want to praise God for the depth of commitment that our coaches show and pray for them as they lead Growth Group leaders forward. 
  • Praise God for continuous growth and the positive energy in our Springfield and City South campuses. Please continue to pray for growth and for God to raise leaders in the churches to help sustain the growth.
  • Tim Collard is on leave, pray that he will be well rested and safe during his holidays and be able to join us in April with renewed strength. Also pray for Matt and Reuben (our MTNs) as they are on leave this week that God would be able to give them good rest and revive them as well.  
  • Pray for the last kid’s and youth connect for the term this Friday that the leaders will have the strength and energy and that we would be able to see God work in many different ways this Friday.
  • This Sunday we have connect lunch/dinner in our different campuses. Pray for these events that the newcomers would feel free to ask any questions they may have and fell welcomed and connected to Living Church.
  • Pray for our board and stewardship team as they get together this weekend and start on the “Journey of Generosity”. Pray for the hearts of our whole church, that they would be transformed when we think about the generosity of our Savior.
  • Religious Instruction (RI) in state schools is kicking off for another year. It is a great opportunity to share Jesus in schools, but it is under threat. Please pray that the opportunity that we have with RI will not be lost. Please also pray for the instructors we have in Camp Hill State School, Carina State School, West End State School and Woodcrest State College that they will teach about Jesus with wisdom and from the heart. And pray that there may be more people step forward to take up the opportunities we can’t fill at the moment.

Ministry Trainee Network Training Day

Wednesday last week, we had the privilege of gathering with all MTN’s across Queensland and their trainers for our first MTN training day of 2019.  There are 3 training days a year, where we will gather to network and be encouraged together in our various ministries.  The training day was focused around the idea of “You need a bigger Bible”. 

We listened to passionate presenters who helped us gather a greater understanding of how the Bible fits together or in other terms to have a “biblical theology”.  We need to be reading the Bible always with a thought of how it points to Jesus.  A lot of us left the day feeling full of knowledge and thinking through how we can put it into action to the people we journey with.  I am thankful for so many people who spend their time thinking through tough passages of the Bible and share their knowledge of what they’ve learnt in ways I can understand.   

It was great being able to meet with other MTN’s and the roles that they have within their churches – to be able to spur one another on in what we are learning and the work that we are doing.  I also found it encouraging to reflect through how our sermon series at Living Church help us understand the Bible as one story, referring to both the Old Testament and New Testament in the preaching.    

Our next training day is in June.  Much to grow in and continue to learn until then!


Cross Cultural Exposure Trip to Lakemba

From 29th April -5th May a team from Living Church will be heading down to the Sydney suburb of Lakemba for a Cross Cultural Exposure trip.


Lakemba is one of Australia’s most Muslim suburbs at 59.2% Muslim.
The top five nationalities in the suburb are, Bangladeshi, Lebanese, Australian, Indian and Pakistani. However the population of Lakemba consists of many other ethnic backgrounds as well. 


As a church God has given us many amazing opportunities to connect with, listen to, understand and share the love of Jesus with the Muslim community and over time we want to step into those opportunities. This trip is a great opportunity for some of our church family to step out of their comfort zone to do just that.


Our team will be partnering with a local church seeking to be a light in the community.


There are many great books to read to begin exploring how we might connect with Muslim people as Christians. Here's just a few:


'Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenges of Islam' by Colin Chapman


'Witnessing to Western Muslims: A worldview Approach to Sharing Faith' by Richard Shumack


'Sharing God's Love with Muslims: Effective Guidelines for Christians' by Bill Dennett





Creek Road Campus Facility Improvement Project Update March 2019

Congratulations! We are close to the 55,000 target! Just over $5,000 to raise. Please give generously! This is how to give:  https://livingchurch.elvanto.com.au/pages/creek-road-facility-upgrade/

Here is a reminder of the funding... 

Total project estimate is $505,000. Funding for this project is $250,000 from capital savings, at least $55,000 from a once off building fund campaign, and 2 years ‘repayment’ to savings of $100,000 per year. Whatever is raised above $55,000 will reduce the need to draw on savings.

What happens when we meet the $55,000 target?

The first visible peice is the replacement of the corner sign with an LED. We hope to have this commissioned in the next couple of months.
We will continue with Brisbane City Council development approvals (DA) and tender documents for the larger component (the shade structure area).

What happens if we don't make the $55,000 target?
I'm hopeful we will meet this target in the next couple of weeks! There is a lot of desire for this ministry space! To date, our efforts have been gathering all the information necessary to submit to the DA. This includes town planning, storm water, noise assessment and architectural document sets. Gaining approval is a key step prior to seeking builder quotes. The project is being submitted to BCC as a 2 stage project. We have 6 years to build stage 1 unless the development approval finds and documents otherwise. 

When can we expect to see something happening?

DA step can take up to 4 months depending on what information is requested. We are hopeful it doesn't take that long. What we are hoping for:

  • late June for BCC approval
  • Pricing July
  • Contract signing late August
  • Construction Sept --> March

Here is a picture showing the process.

Key contacts:

  • Tim Collard - Living Church 
  • Matthew Hooper - Architect
  • Janet Sutton - Finance

Post For Parents - Process

Parenting is never done in one conversation or moment. It is a process that is years long. We are tempted to get caught up in the immediate, but instead see the bigger picture of the process of God growing and maturing our kids.


Pray for RI

Religious Instruction in schools is an amazing opportunity. In many cases RI is the only opportunity young people have to learn about Jesus. At Living Church we have the privilege of being able to be directly involved in RI at Camp Hill State School, West End State School, Carina State School, or Woodcrest State College.

The Presbyterian Church is joining with a number of other denominations to encourage people to pray for RI during the month of March. Please join with us in praying the following:

  • that the place of RI in schools is preserved within class time
  • that more parents give permission for their children to enrol in RI classes
  • that there are enough godly instructors to take all classes
  • that God would clear away any bureaucratic obstacles that may occur in some schools

Living Church - Prayer Points - 12/3/2019

  • Praise God for new people joining us in all campuses. Praise God that church members are  approaching new comers and creating a friendly, welcoming feel to the church. Pray that we will continue to allow God to use us this way and be mindful of this. 
  • Praise God for his word, for challenging us to think of our priorities and what really matters when we put it in the perspective of eternity and end-of-life reflections. 
  • Praise God for the three day training in mentoring that Dave and Kathy organised last week. God was doing a lot in his people during this time and the mentors in training left feeling energised and with tools to be more intentional and effective when they mentor others. This group will continue to meet throughout the year so pray for the ongoing work. 
  • On Saturday there was a training day for the growth group leaders and people on the ministry pathways. Praise God as there was a lot of participants and most of our growth groups were represented there. Pray as we plan the future training days that we can do this well. 
  • We have had good outcomes in kid's and youth ministry. Please keep praying for these ministries and the leaders. 
  • Dave Thurston was at Warwick on Sunday and said that the church is really maturing and owning the ministry as a collective. Praise God that Dave Bailey, the campus pastor is on the mend and will God willing be able to do the talk next Sunday. 
  • Pray for strength, wisdom and healing for people involved in complex pastoral care cases. 
  • Pray for the MTN training day tomorrow that is hosted at the Creek Road campus. Pray that God would be doing great things in his people again. 
  • Pray for the church leadership team as they get together on Thursday to do planning that they would be led by the Spirit and that it would be fruitful. 
  • Pray for Dave and Kathy Thurston as they head out to Darwin at the end of this week to support our partner church there. 
  • Pray for the Conversation Club's social event on Saturday, that is run by our cross cultural pastor Ryan Denhert, that God would be working through his people there and we would hear amazing testimonies from it next week. 
  • Pray for our Operation Manager Tim Collard as he will be taking part in the Stewardship Summit with Janet Sutton that they would be able to bring positive things back to our staff and church from there. Pray also as Tim is about to go on a well-earned holiday that he would be able to wrap things up here before he leaves. 
  • Religious Instruction (RI) in state schools is kicking off for another year. It is a great opportunity to share Jesus in schools, but it is under threat. Please pray that the opportunity that we have with RI will not be lost. Please also pray for the instructors we have in Camp Hill State School, Carina State School, West End State School and Woodcrest State College that they will teach about Jesus with wisdom and from the heart. And pray that there may be more people step forward to take up the opportunities we can’t fill at the moment.
  • Praise God for all the good gifts he gives us and let's give him all the glory!

Connecting Conference 2019


You’re invited to Connecting 2019, a Conference to encourage men and women towards maturity in Jesus as they work together within our church. Whether you love good Bible teaching, helpful workshops or like to keep up with what the women in the Presbyterian Church of Australia are doing, the Conference will be a great place to connect with men and women from around Australia.

Fortunately this triennial conference is in Brisbane this year. 
Join us at the QTC on Friday, 29 March, Saturday 30 March or just on Friday night for dinner. Support some Living Church members who are presenting: Dave Thurston is the speaker at the Friday night dinner entitled “The Wisdom of Each Other”. Kathy Thurston is giving two talk on Learning Love and Living Love on Friday and Saturday mornings and Bloss Wilson is presenting on her PhD topic of Augustine’s teaching on the Fear of the Lord on Friday afternoon. The cost varies from $12 for dinner only to $150 for the full conference including the Friday night dinner.

Full details and registration is at www.wmpca.org.au.