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Ministry Dinner - A Springfield, South Bank and Carina event - Tuesday 11 July 2017 - Open for registration. EVERYBODY is invited!

Hi everyone,

Please do come to the Ministry Dinner to get a deeper look at what is happening Now, Soon and Later in this life of Creek Road Church.This is for anyone interested in the hopes and plans for Creek Road ministries as we seek to reach the city, reach the world with the good news of Jesus. It doesn't matter if you are new or of many years among us.

To register, click here (http://creekroad.org.au/rsvp), or ask one of the connect team for help.

Dinner is provided, followed by Steve sharing our vision and plans. We have allowed heaps of time for questions (think family discussion). To help with that, you may like to revisit... 

Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly

This week a number of us from Creek Road attended the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly, held this year at Fairholme College, Toowoomba. 

 Here are a few highlights:

  •  Contributions of older followers of Jesus, who have run the race before us. It is a great encouragement in the challenges of life and ministry to have such examples
  • Seminars on sexuality and suffering – applying the gospel to real pastoral issues. Nathan Campbell led the seminar on sexuality. In the seminar on suffering, I was interviewed about grief, in the context of my father’s recent death. 
  • David McDougall, who was part of the Creek Road Ministry Team many years ago, presented the Assembly Bible Talks – four talks from Isaiah. They were an encouraging example of how the Old Testament should be preached – soaked with their fulfilment in Jesus. 
  • The steps forward for the gospel in South Australia – both at Mt Gambier (where former Creek Road Ministry Trainee Mark Lewis has joined the team) and the plans for Adelaide revitalisation, through Davo Gunning joining the team in 2018.  Damien Carson from Para Hills, Adelaide stayed with our team through the week, which was very refreshing – to have plenty of time with him and to hear his personal encouragement about all that God is doing in South Australia. 
  • A real highlight of the Prescare Report was a video highlighting Jason Little’s Ministry at Prescare Vela, neighbouring our Carina Campus. Jason’s heart for this ministry and his passion for the gospel in contagious. A good thing to be caught! 
  • Reports from various Presbyteries (regions) throughout Queensland, including church revitalisation such as the work Dave and Sarah Bailey are leading in Warwick, and church plants such as one in Emerald (where former Creek Road members Ben and Robyn Letts are now attending, bringing lots of encouragement to Rod and Natalie McLennan, who are planting the church.) 
  • Nat from Krosswerdz doing an impromptu rap also changed the vibe of Assembly nicely – not usually known as the house of hip-hop.  
  • In among all this, it’s conversations and meals with people – catching up with old friends and making new ones – which is the biggest highlight – encouraging each other in serving the Lord Jesus and his gospel. Please pray that our great God will use these churches around Queensland to bring honour to Jesus.

Steve Cree

June 2017

Prayer for Community Connect

Hi all, I’m the prayer coordinator for Community Connect. I’ll be posting prayer updates in the lead-up and throughout the week.

Prayer points for now:

Praise God for the number of people in church who’ve thrown their hand up and said yes to helping out. Pray that people during the week would have a really positive experience of serving Jesus together as we come to see kids light up with knowing that God has a fantastic future for them.

Pray for the up-front team who are continuing to practise the skits and the dramas that will teach the kids about God’s fantastic future.

Pray for our bump-in on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re setting up the hall and the church auditorium. Pray that all of the logistics of that would go well, and that we’re able to do what needs to be done.

Pray for God’s wisdom and provision in placing kids into groups and matching them with leaders, so that there would be a real feel of love and care within the groups and that kids would feel welcome in our community.

Pray for all the last-minute planning and preparations.

Praise God for the number of community kids that we have this year, and ask that God would help us to care for the individual kids.

Do you like to bake?

Our Kids Community Connect holiday program held at Carina from 3rd -7th July need some baking for the morning teas.

We are after sweet and savoury items that come in small single portions. For example, items like mini muffins, cupcakes, biscuits, slices (Pre cut or easy to cut) etc.

Baking can be brought to the Carina Ministry Centre kitchen from now until the week of Community Connect and placed in the fridge or freezer, with a label saying “Community Connect” on it.

Please note the following:

  • Baking must be clearly labelled with all the ingredients used to make them.
  • It would be really helpful if the baking is provided in disposable containers so we don’t have to try and find the owners of containers. If you do use a personal container please ensure it has your name clearly labelled on it.
  • We will need some people to make special diet specific baking, if you are willing to do this please email kristihanger@creekroad.org.au and she will advise what allergies we have.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kristi via email kristihanger@creekroad.org.au or call 0407416184.


Kristi Hanger
Event Manager

Longfellow Street relisted

Unfortunately, we could not agree on the terms of the revised contract for the sale of Longfellow Street. The property is now relisted on the open market.


Please email or call Tim Collard if you have any questions.

Prayer at Creek Road - 21 June 2017

“No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him” Revelation 22:3


  • Thank you Lord that the curse has no power over us because of Jesus. We praise you that our eternity in heaven is secure. Lord we long for the day when we will worship at your throne because you are worthy of our praise,
  • Thank you for the giving of your people. Thank you that week by week, people give. Lord we pray that our giving will be from generous hearts, trusting in you for everything we need,
  • Carina Kids Community Connect. Lord please help the big Kids Community Connect Team to share the truth of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection with all the kids that come along each day at Community Connect. We pray that kids will see in their leaders – the love of Jesus and that the dramas, games and group times will clearly communicate the truth while being lots of fun. Lord we ask that we fill all the available places and that families find a way to bring their kids along,
  • Creek Road Vision. Lord we pray for the planning and vision set out in the Vision documents distributed last Sunday. Lord, help us as we pray and consider the next steps Creek Road is taking as we seek to Reach the City and Reach the World,
  • Ministry Dinner 11 July. Lord we pray for this gathering of everyone from Creek Road. We pray that it will be a wonderful family dinner. A time to come together, renew old friendships and begin new ones. Lord we pray too for the matters we will discuss – that it will be a time of growing understanding,
  • Kids and Youth Teams. We pray for the Kids and Youth Teams as they take some time off over the coming school holidays. Lord we praise you that so many of our people serve so willingly to help our young people grow their relationship with your son. We pray that they will be refreshed and restored for Term 3,
  • Serving at South Bank. After three or so years of faithful ministry, we praise you Lord for the bigger team of people who are stepping forward to serve at South Bank. We thank you that people are leading in Connect, Grow and Serve and that this opening more and more ministry opportunity. Lord we ask that you care for South Bank as it grows beyond the small church size, so that many people can hear about Jesus,
  • Kids Ministry taking off at South Bank. Thanks for the Team of people who are caring for kids at South Bank. Thanks for the 27 kids who sang, laughed, listened and played as they heard about Jesus,
  • Baptisms at South Bank. Lord we thank you for the two people who were baptised last Sunday. We thank you for the privilege of seeing these men call Jesus, Lord. Help us as we love and support each other as we seek to live for him.
  • Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly and Meetings. Lord we pray for the meetings that are happening in Toowoomba. Lord – we pray the Presbyterian Church of Queensland will be salt and light in our state, pointing people to Jesus.

Weekend Church Visit

Here at Creek Road our vision is to 'Reach the city, reach the world'. As more and more people emigrate to Australia from all over the word we have an increasing opportunity to do that right where we are and doing that well is something we're thinking hard about. Last weekend my wife Mel and I had the opportunity to go to Sydney for the weekend to visit a couple of churches who are working at doing church in a way that welcomes people from different cultures and who speak different languages. It was the chance to step out of our own heads and experience first hand what some other churches in very multi-ethnic parts of Sydney have been trying in order to see people from all different backgrounds fellowshipping and growng together.

We stayed with friends of mine from Theological College, Tom and Jess Habib who're ministering in Yagoona and Condell Park Anglican churches ad were able to chat to them over the weekend about the thing's they're doing to reach different backgrounds at church.

On Sunday morning we visited MBM - Multicultural Bible Ministries in Rooty Hill, a church that has a similar feel to walking into our Carina Campus on a Sunday morning. People from many different ethnic backgrounds gather together each week across several services. After the service we had a good chat to one of the pastors about their philosophy and method of welcoming people from all over the word into their church.

In the evening we attended a smaller church in Lakemba, the Muslim heartland of Sydney, seeking to do church in a way that welcomes people from those cultural backgrounds. The church wasn't filled with smoke, I've just tried to make things a bit blurry so no one can be recognised...

After the service a few of us went out to the main street of Lakemba to see Ramadan celebrations. People and street food everywhere!

All these churches have different ways of thinking through meeting together across cultural and language differences and all have different things we can take and learn from. And that's what we'll be doing as we keep working out how we can be a church that reaches the world even as it reaches the city.

Prayer at Creek Road - 14 June 2017

“But God raised him from the dead, and for many days he was seen by those who had travelled with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. They are now his witnesses to our people.” Acts 13:30-31


  • Thank you Lord that we can be sure that Jesus rose from the dead.  Lord, thank you that this is the evidence that he defeated death and all the evil that dominates this world.  Thank you Lord that we can look to heaven and the delight of being with you forever.
  • Thank you for the giving of your people.  Thank you for the diligent and sacrificial giving of your people.  Thank you for the love we are able to share together and with others through our ministries,
  • Thank you for the wonderful celebration of the Lord’s Supper across our three Campuses.  Thank you that the kids joined in the celebration – parents sharing the significance of the bread and the juice with their children, prayers offered by little girls and our church family holding small hands as Mums and Dads hold babies or led the service.  Thank you that we do this together – remembering the body broken and the blood spilled, for us, because of Jesus’ great love,
  • Lord, thank you for the opportunity to connect with people.  Lord thanks for people who connect with us through Social Media.  Thanks for people we work with, who are friends, family and who are sent to us by friends.   Please help us to make the most of the opportunity to chat with people, hear their stories and share Jesus with them. 
  • Baptisms at South Bank.  Thank you Lord for the two guys that will share about their faith this coming Sunday as they are baptised.  Help us all support and love them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus,
  • Visit to Multi-ethnic churches in Sydney.  Thanks that Ryan and Mel Dehnert were able to visit churches in Sydney, helping with the strategic planning for Cross Culture Connect.  Thanks for warm friendships that have been developed and strengthened with people working across cultures in Sydney.
  • Praise and thanks for the care and concern shown for each other.  Thanks for the people that serve others week by week.  Help us as we seek to build our ability to care for newcomers and for people who call Creek Road home,
  • Thanks that the Kids Spot Team were able to film spots for next term.  Thanks for this creative team that helps us all to understand a little more, as we go into hearing the talk each week.
  • Pray for the sale of Norman Park and the search for premises for the South Bank campus.  Renovations commence at Queensland Theatre in October, pray that an alternate venue might be identified – in a great location and that will be a great spend of our ministry resources,
  • Pray for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly and meetings in Toowoomba next week.  Pray for the seminar that Nathan Campbell will be leading on sexuality and the gospel.    Pray too for the opportunity to meet with other ministers and elders from across Queensland.

Growth Group Trivia Night DATE CLAIMER

Our annual Growth Group Trivia Night is approaching!! CLAIM THE DATE Saturday Night 26th of August!! Who might your Growth Group be able to invite along?

More details to come… but to get you started, here is a riddle for the dress-up theme;

Vision Video - Steve Cree and Matt Graham

Steve and Matt's update regarding progress regarding our Partner Church Entity called Church2Church. Here is the clip...



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