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Creek Road Prayer Term 4 Week 2

“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands. And he is not served by human hands as if he needed anything. Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else.” Acts 17:24-25

  • Praise our God that in His grace, He wants us to know Him and has given us Jesus, creation and the Bible so that we can.
  • Thank God for the visitors at each campus for Talk 1 in our Got Questions Series. Pray that God will work to apply the reading and teaching of his word to those who are seeking.
  • Thank God for our Ministry Dinner which enabled us to celebrate our church community, hear about the exciting plans for the future and commit those plans to Him.
  • Thank God for the start of Family Connect for Term 4, for new kids and youth and for the catering team that provides food and a space for everyone to connect.
  • Pray for our Growth Groups as they recommence this week that they will be communities of love where we can share our life in Christ together.
  • Pray for one another that we will grow in awe and dependence on our Lord Jesus as we have our faith affirmed and share it with others through the Got Questions Series.   

Do you love playing your part in a Team?

A big part of ministry is the administration that goes along in support of the talk writing and the payment making and the one to one catch-ups.

If you have some time during the week various ministry teams would really love your help to get that administration done.  Full training provided and some of the work can eventually be done from home if that would be helpful to you.

So that means that Mums and Dads at home with little kids might find this a great way to serve.  Also - if you're looking to gain experience in general administration this might also be a good fit for you - allows our Ministry Leaders to be referees as you apply for jobs.

It's also a great way to play a role within Ministry Teams that is behind the scenes but so very needed and important.

If you would like to find out more, please come and chat with the Serve Team via:-

  • Chat at the Next Steps Desk
  • Call 3398 4333
  • Email office@creekroad.org.au


This term in church we're tackling some pretty big questions.  Questions that are important to us and the people around us.  Questions that affect the world we live in.  Questions that affect our way of life.  Questions that can unite, questions that can divide, questions we need to grapple with as Christians.

As Christians we're called to love one another just as Jesus loved us.  Yet with many of these big questions our response/s as a church, the body of Christ, have been perceived as anything but loving.  This term we'll be exploring how to let our responses to these questions truly be shaped by the grace, love and mercy demonstrated by Christ on the cross. We need to be shaped by Jesus.  Our responses to these questions need to be shaped by Jesus.


As we look at the list of questions we'll be exploring it might look a little intimidating, scary even.   Here's a list of the adults' talk questions and the corresponding Kids Church questions:

  1. How do you know God exists?
    (KIDS) How do you know God Exists?
  2. Why should I trust the bible?
    (KIDS) Why should I trust the bible?
  3. Why is there so much abuse in the church?
    (KIDS) What does God say about people who hurt others?
  4. How can a good God allow so much evil and suffering?
    (KIDS) How can a good God allow so much evil and suffering?
  5. How can a good God send people to hell?
    (KIDS) What happens when we die?
  6. Why do Christians hate LGBTIQA+ people? Is God anti-gay?
    (KIDS) What dies God say about different relationships?
  7. Hasn’t science made God irrelevant?
    (KIDS) Do Science and God work together?
  8. Why isn’t there gender equality in the church?
    (KIDS) Does God love boys and girls the same?
  9. Why are Christians such hypocrites
    (KIDS) Why don’t Christians always act like Jesus?


While these are the questions we see, hear, and read about in the news - they are, in fact, doorways to deeper issues of the heart.  Issues of who we are, who we were created to be and how we're to relate to our creator God and those around us.


So why on earth would you tackle these questions in Kids Church?

The fact of the matter is these questions are as much a part of the world our kids live in as they are a part of ours (it's the same world).  There are kids in our church community who have classmates with two parents the same sex, whose mum passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer, who are judgemental, and who have been abused or are abusive.  These are real issues for kids, although the way they perceive them may be a little less direct than for adults, they still ask these BIG questions.  What a great opportunity we have to help these young members of our church family to engage with these real world questions in a way that is shaped by Jesus; in a way that is gracious, loving and kind, in a way that encourages them and their peers to pursue Jesus not flee from him.


How on earth would you tackle these questions in Kids Church?

It's true different kids will have different levels of awareness when it comes to these questions, and we want to be respectful of parents' and caregivers' prerogative to unpack and contextualise these issues with their families.  Together we believe the bible has a lot to say about the issues of the heart.  Jesus has a lot to say about ethical issues and faith in him.  The Bible, and especially the person of Jesus, is the focus we've used to approach the development of our kids curriculum for this term.  Obviously each kids church growth group will discuss each question at an appropriate level for the age group and kids will be encouraged to chat with their parents & caregivers further about their questions.  For a more in depth overview of what we’ll be covering and how a curriculum summary has been attached for your perusal.

As usual our Pre-Primary aged kids will continue working through our God’s Big Story curriculum which provides a Christ centred overview of the whole bible.

Choir for Carols Service at Carina

Hi everyone - carols at Carina is THIS TERM December 16th - and we are looking for choir members! Rehearsals will be on a Thursday night from 7.30 - 9.15 at Carina campus. They will start on November 8th. Dress rehearsal on Saturday 15th December from 8.30 - 12.30, and two services on December 16th 9am and 6pm. Let me know if you want in and I will add you to the facebook group.

I have selected the music for us to sing - and it is both VERY dramatic (one piece) and VERY fun (the other piece).

What a great opportunity to meet other people from church and sing together - you don't need to be a wonderful singer - we will all learn together 

Catriona Pine - 0403 187 074


Sunday Handouts - curious?

We would love some help with the production of the Sunday handouts.  If you enjoy working on computers, learning new skills and are available to come into the Office at the Carina Campus on Wednesday or Thursday - this serve opportunity might be for you. 

There is also the option to exercise your composition skills by writing short "blurbs" about whatever is going on.

Plenty of support and training available.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Serve Team via:

  • Calling the Office - 3398 4333
  • Chatting with someone at the Next Steps Desk 
  • Emailing office@creekroad.org.au

Ministry Dinner Video, Document and 2019 Budget

Last night (Wednesday 10th October) we experienced what it means to be a living church. We celebrated our Ministry Dinner with over 200 people in attendance – our best ever turn out. But not only was it our best attended Ministry Dinner, it was also was jam-packed with more wonderful stories of God’s work amongst us than I can recall in the several years we’ve been celebrating these quarterly events.

We sang from the heart, shared delicious food and savoured story after story of God’s work in people’s lives to bring them to a knowledge of Jesus and a desire to step forward in living adventurously for him. We enjoyed a taste of our theme for 2019 – ‘Living Church’ – which we pray will also be finalised as our name in coming weeks. We explored the aspiration to not just be attending church but really living church – especially to be living generously as we live out the life of our generous saviour in us.


Please find links to a video from last night, the Vision Document and the supporting Budget information – remembering that we will vote on the matters outlined in these documents at the campus-based special congregational meetings on Wednesday 24th October:

  • Creek Road - Carina Ministry Centre auditorium 7.00 - 8.00pm
  • City South - Lifeplace auditorium 7.30 - 8.30pm
  • Springfield - Josish and Bloss' home - 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Here are the links:




A Post For Parents - 6 Ways To Ruin Your Children

I could add a bunch more, but for starters here are 6 ways you can ruin your children.


Are you a Sound Engineer?

Are you a Sound Engineer?  Would you like to explore what Sound Engineering involves at Creek Road? 

We have Serve Opportunities in Sound Engineering on Sundays across the 3 Campuses and there is also opportunity to help out with maintainence from time to time.  The Serve Team would love to hear from you via:-

  • Calling the Office on 3398 4333
  • Chatting with the Team at the Next Steps Desk
  • Email office@creekroad.org.au

Church Name and Ministry Dinner

Ministry Dinner is about 48 hours away.  We are all looking forward to a great evening together – joining together to hear about ministry plans and people.

We are excited that over 200 people have registered to be at the Carina Ministry Centre and we know that people are keen to hear the new name for our church.    We have identified a name, a name we love and one that reflects all the ideas and ideals that were the result of the Term 3 Ministry Dinner Workshop.  The difficulty is that extraordinary circumstances have raised questions with our new name that need more time and work to be answered.

So on Wednesday night we will explain the extraordinary circumstances and why the name we are announcing cannot be finalised at this time.  We will begin our next steps, through hearing great stories of our new theme for 2019, our new Ministry Trainees, our new Ministry Students, our capital works plans and the opportunities that God is bringing to our church.

Please come along and join in the story.

See you Wednesday evening – 6.30pm at the Ministry Centre.

Tech Infrastructure - are you keen?

Our IT Ministry Team is looking to expand.  We are currently looking for people with skills in Microsoft 365 and active directory administration.  If you're keen to find out more - the Serve Team is keen to chat with you.  Please contact us via:-

  • Next Steps Desk
  • Email - office@creekroad.org.au
  • Phone - 3398 4333